Phoenix Among Men Chapter 612

After the Body Tempering Pill entered his body, Chen Ping only felt as if his internal organs were on fire, his whole body was very uncomfortable and the sizzling sensation made Chen Ping’s forehead covered with sweat.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Ping pushed his spiritual energy to resist the scorching sensation, but it was of no use at all. However, once he thought of Long Wu’s words, Chen Ping hastily collected his spiritual energy, because to temper his body, it was necessary to let his body endure this kind of pain in order to achieve a transformed body.

Putting away his spiritual energy, Chen Ping silently recited the Heart Condensation Technique, guiding the sizzling sensation inside his body to keep travelling through his body. Chen Ping’s eyes were tightly closed, and at this moment, his body had turned red, as if steel had been burnt red by a great fire.

Chen Ping gritted his teeth and held on, not even uttering a word of pain, while a sound of cracking bones came from his body, and even more pain struck his whole body.

It was as if the bones all over Chen Ping’s body could not withstand the force and began to burst, but the burst bones were rapidly gathering, as if they were being put back together again.

The blood in Chen Ping’s body also began to slowly evaporate under the scorching heat, and through the reddened skin, one could see the blood flowing inside Chen Ping’s veins, but the flow was getting slower and slower and less and less.

The intense pain almost made Chen Ping faint several times, but Chen Ping gritted his teeth and pulled through.

I don’t know how long it took, but Chen Ping didn’t know how many times his bones broke and grew, and how many times they grew and broke, until his body no longer felt that hot sensation, and then Chen Ping opened his eyes!

At this moment, it was still dark outside the window, and the stars in the sky were twinkling, as if they were witnessing Chen Ping’s growth!

Chen Ping looked at his body and found that the clothes on his body were long gone, his whole body was naked and did not emit any spiritual energy, but Chen Ping’s body carried a powerful momentum, which was the aura emitted by his pure flesh.

Chen Ping clenched his fist, looked down at himself and found that the injuries on his body were long gone, not even a single scar was left behind, his entire body had become bronze in colour, Chen Ping could even clearly feel the bones that were like steel, now even if Chen Ping didn’t use any spiritual power and simply relied on his flesh, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to hurt him.

“It feels like a long time has pa*sed, I didn’t expect to be useless all night ……”

Chen Ping got up, walked into the bathroom and rinsed his body, ready to sleep and rest.

Chen Ping had just finished rinsing his body and was about to go to bed when Zhao Wuji called!

“Mr. Chen, we found those people from the Miao Village, they are in a courtyard in the western suburbs ……”

Zhao Wuji said to Chen Ping with some anxiety.

“Okay, I’ll be right there ……”

Chen Ping hung up the phone, changed his clothes, then called a taxi and headed towards the western suburbs.

Meanwhile, in a compound in the western suburbs, Zhao Wuji was leading his men to surround the compound, and following Zhao Wuji in the confrontation were the five major heads of the Miao Cottage, and the status of these heads in the Miao Cottage was equivalent to the general status of a gang’s protector!

“Pavilion Master Zhao, we don’t want to start a conflict with you, make way for us now and we will go back to the Miao Village immediately……”

The Dali head looked at Zhao Wuji and said with a few moments of gloom on his face.

“I have wasted so much effort in order to find you, do you think I will let you go back easily? Your Miao Cottage has a lot of guts, daring to lay hands on the son of the permanent leader, I think you are impatient to live ……”

Zhao Wuji roared with a face of anger.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, the matter of laying hands on Leader Chang’s son, I also just learned about it, I will definitely investigate it strictly, so that if we find out who from the Miao Village laid hands on Leader Chang’s son, I will definitely give an explanation to Pavilion Master Zhao and also Leader Chang, I hope that Pavilion Master Zhao believes me ……”

The head of the Dali said in a pretentious manner, he pushed the matter cleanly, saying he did not know at all.