Phoenix Among Men Chapter 617

“Ah …………”

Suddenly, a member of the Guardian Pavilion cried out in alarm, followed by Zhao Wuji seeing countless insects, ants, snakes and rats crawling into the courtyard at a rapid pace, so dense that one’s scalp tingled!

Even the fence collapsed in a matter of moments.

“Shoot, shoot …………”

Seeing this, Zhao Wuji could only order loudly!

Bang bang bang …………

With a gunshot, but it didn’t even hit the few people in Dali’s head, at this time, the few people had long been wrapped in black gas and lost their targets, these snipers could only shoot indiscriminately!

Seeing those insect ants getting closer and closer, Zhao Wuji held his short sword in his hand, his aura skyrocketed up, his clothes also began to windlessly move, being at the Grand Master realm, Zhao Wuji had long been able to exude his strong qi.

“Drink …………”

With a furious shout, Zhao Wuji waved his short sword in front of him, and a strong wind immediately blew up.

There were already quite a few members of the Guardian Pavilion who had insects crawling all over their bodies, because they were too many and too small.

But fortunately, these insect ants were not poisonous, or else these Guardian Pavilion members would have died of poison long ago.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, flash a way and let me go, why do you need to make your men suffer again?”

At this moment, the voice of the Dali Head recalled from the black gas.

Zhao Wuji had a gloomy face, the short sword in his hand had been waved countless times, but every time he blew away these insects and ants, they would immediately gather together again, at this moment, Zhao Wuji already felt the weakness of his body.

But looking at his men, who were rolling around with pain on their faces, Zhao Wouji was in a dilemma!

“Insects and ants are afraid of fire, Pavilion Master Zhao wouldn’t even know this, would he?”

Just as Zhao Wuji was having a hard time, a voice suddenly rang out from behind him.

Zhao Wuji froze and hurriedly looked back to find that officially Chen Ping had stood up from among the ruins.

“Mr. Chen, you …… you are not dead?”

Zhao Wuji was astonished.

“Dead?” Chen Ping smiled lightly, “You don’t think I’ll die that easily, do you?”

“No, no, no, I know that Mr. Chen will definitely not die ……”

Zhao Wuji had an excited face, Chen Ping was after all an immortal cultivator, how could he die so easily?

And that Dali head looked at the unharmed Chen Ping, the whole person directly froze, his eyes were full of incredulity!

Even if Chen Ping did not die, the punch he had just made was enough to break Chen Ping’s tendons and bones, and his punch just now was carrying poisonous gas, Chen Ping could not die at this time, but he should have been poisoned, but now Chen Ping was standing in front of his eyes as if he was fine.

“This …… how is this possible, how can you be unharmed?”

The Dali head looked at Chen Ping incredulously and asked.

“With that little ability of yours, you can’t hurt me yet ……”

Chen Ping smiled coldly.

The Dali head looked at Chen Ping’s look full of mockery and was going mad with anger!

“Prepare the torches ……”

Zhao Wuji ordered loudly at this time.

Soon, the people from the Dharma Guardian Pavilion began to look for anything that could burn and lit it up, and as the flames grew larger and larger, those insect ants died and were injured in countless ways, all retreating.

Seeing that he had found a way to restrain these insects and that Chen Ping was intact, Zhao Wuji’s heart was strengthened and he looked coldly at the Dali head, “If you guys tie your hands and capture them now, you can still be spared the pain of skin and flesh, otherwise don’t blame me for being ungracious ……”

Zhao Wouji’s short sword was in his hand, his body shook violently, his qi swarmed up, Zhao Wouji, whose strength was originally depleted, exploded with endless battle power again at this moment.