Phoenix Among Men Chapter 618

“Hahahahaha, do you guys really think that’s all I’m capable of?”

The great head of reason laughed arrogantly, and then looked behind him at the other few heads of reason and said, “Brothers, let them see what we can really do ……”

After saying this, the five men actually sat on their knees and surrounded the Dali head in the middle, all five of them emitting black Qi and seemingly chanting incantations under their mouths.

Soon, the insects that had retreated attacked again, this time in even greater numbers, except that instead of attacking towards the people, these insects kept coalescing together, and soon formed a several meter tall humanoid monster.

This humanoid monster was also emitting black aura, it was obvious that many of these were poisonous insects. Faced with this several meter tall humanoid monster in front of him, Zhao Wuji’s face changed dramatically, while those members of the Dharma Protection Pavilion were scared and retreated.

“Shoot, shoot …………”

Zhao Wuji commanded those snipers to fire towards the humanoid monster.

Boom boom boom …………

Dozens of bullets went towards the humanoid monster, but unfortunately, after these bullets hit the humanoid monster, a big hole appeared, it would immediately heal because it was coalesced by countless insect ants, even if a shot made a big hole, other insect ants would immediately fill it.

Seeing that the sniper rifle could not even cause damage to this humanoid monster, Zhao Wuji’s face became increasingly ugly.

However, looking at each and every one of his men who were so scared that their faces changed dramatically and they kept retreating, Zhao Wuji knew that he could not retreat and had to set an example, or else all that awaited him was a rout.

“Kill …………”

Zhao Wuji bravely leapt up high with his short sword in his hand, and then slashed down angrily towards the humanoid monster with his sword.

Only to see that humanoid monster swinging his fist violently, the fist wrapped in black qi, viciously smashed into Zhao Wuji’s body, Zhao Wuji’s body was like a kite with a broken string, flying out rapidly.

Moreover, his body also began to be eroded by the black qi, and his entire complexion became incomparably dark, clearly a symptom of poisoning.

“Court Master …………”

Those Guardian Pavilion members, seeing Zhao Wuji injured and poisoned, shouted anxiously one by one, and some wanted to rush over and catch Zhao Wuji.

“Don’t move ……”

Chen Ping roared, making all these people stop their bodies, if these people came into contact with Zhao Wouji, they would also be poisoned.

Everyone froze, and then watched as Chen Ping leapt up and caught Zhao Wouji directly!

Chen Ping looked at Zhao Wuji with his eyes tightly closed and his expression very painful. Although the punch did not hurt him badly, the mist made Zhao Wuji’s pain unbearable.

Chen Ping reached out and gently pressed his hand on the top of Zhao Wouji’s head, the poisonous Qi from Zhao Wouji’s body began to swarm into Chen Ping’s body, this poisonous Qi was a very good cultivation resource, Chen Ping would not waste it.

Soon, Zhao Wuji’s face improved and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Thank you, Mr. Chen ……”

Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping with a grateful face.

“You are welcome, Pavilion Master Zhao, I will go and finish off this monster ……”

Chen Ping said and walked directly towards the humanoid monster.

Seeing this, the humanoid monster slammed its fist down towards Chen Ping, the huge fist could almost be as big as Chen Ping’s entire body, but Chen Ping was not bothered, he just gently raised his hand and caught the huge fist of the humanoid monster, appearing effortless.

When Dali head and the others saw this, they were all slightly shocked, and then they sped up their incantations.

But before the black gas could touch Chen Ping, Chen Ping opened his mouth and sucked it all into his stomach, and the huge humanoid monster began to struggle a little because Chen Ping’s hand was like a huge suction cup, sucking all the black gas from the humanoid monster into his body.