Phoenix Among Men Chapter 619

Soon, the black qi wrapped around the humanoid monster was sucked cleanly by Chen Ping, and the humanoid monster collapsed straight away, turning back into countless insects and ants, spreading over the entire courtyard.

With a click of Chen Ping’s finger, a turquoise flame danced up, and all these insects and ants scattered in all directions upon seeing this flame.

This was Chen Ping’s true fire for refining pills, so burning these insects was as easy as a snap.

With a wave of Chen Ping’s palm, the turquoise flames covered the ground and directly burned those insects cleanly.

“This …… this …………”

Looking at the insect ants that had all been wiped out, the faces of the several heads changed abruptly, Chen Ping was actually unafraid of any poison, which shocked their hearts and at the same time created a deep fear in their hearts.

Their Miao Village was good at poison, but now Chen Ping was not afraid of poison at all, and it looked like nothing happened when he sucked those poisonous gases into his body, so the poison they were good at making would have no effect on Chen Ping.

“Is this what you guys are capable of?”

Chen Ping smiled coldly, “What other tricks do you have, use them all!”

The Dali head slowly got up, his forehead still slightly stained with sweat, having just urged such a large spell, which had depleted his internal energy quite a lot.

“Chen Ping, we have no grudge, and you forced us to do it just now, now we apologize, can you let us go?”

The Dali head compromised, after seeing Chen Ping’s strength, the rampant look he had just had was no longer there.

“Leave?” The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “Didn’t you guys take the Qin family’s money and want to take my life? How come you just left like that?”

“I …………”

The Dali head was choked speechless.

It was true that they had no grudge against Chen Ping, and even if Chen Ping had killed Qian Feng, the Miao King’s righteous son, it had nothing to do with following them as a few head lieges.

It was only a pity that they were greedy for money and had their eyes on the $10 million revenge of the Qin family, which was why they wanted to kill Chen Ping, or else the first head of reason would never have killed Chen Ping with the punch he had just swung at him.

It was a pity that Chen Ping was so strong that even when the Dali Head fought hard to strike, he was unable to inflict any damage on Chen Ping, and even the magic techniques they were so proud of were useless against Chen Ping at this point.

“If you obediently follow Pavilion Master Zhao to confess your crimes, I can spare your lives ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently as he looked at several of the Miao Village’s理heads with an attitude of a monarch on the throne.

The Great Head Li frowned and after shaking his teeth, he nodded, “Fine, we promise to follow Pavilion Master Zhao to confess our sins in ambush and to follow Leader Chang to admit our mistakes, I hope you will keep your promise and not make another move against us ……”

In front of the huge power gap, the Dali head had no other choice, if they did not agree to Chen Ping, then what awaited them was death.

“As long as your Miao Cottage doesn’t look for trouble from me, I don’t bother with you ……”

Chen Ping had no interest in bothering with the Miao Cottage now, and since meeting the real immortal cultivation experts, Chen Ping was curious about the dark currents of Kyoto.

He was curious to know what his identity was, and what was that Dragon Five, and what was the connection to follow him?

All these troubled Chen Ping.

With their heads bowed, several of the First Rulers walked up to Zhao Wuji, while Zhao Wuji waved his hand and several of the Guardian Court men walked over and handcuffed all of the several Rulers.

“Take them back and let the permanent leader send them off tomorrow ……”

With a wave of his hand, Zhao Wuji had the several headmasters taken away.

“Mr. Chen, thank you for your help, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to catch these people at all ……”

Zhao Wuji said with a grateful face as he looked at Chen Ping.

“It’s just a hand up ……” Chen Ping didn’t feel anything, it was just a casual favor.

“Mr. Chen, I didn’t expect your strength to be so terrifying, carrying a hard punch with your body intact ……” Zhao Wuji remembered how Chen Ping had just resisted a hard punch and was envious, how good it would be when he could have such perverted strength.