Phoenix Among Men Chapter 622

“The old trio ……”

Bai Zhantang said with a faint smile.

“Okay, coming right up …….”

The waiter left.

Chen Ping took a glance at the restaurant, although it was not very large, it was luxuriously decorated, and there were quite a few people eating here.

And not far from them, a girl in a sarong with a fair face was also eating alone. After Chen Ping’s gaze pa*sed over the woman, he couldn’t help but linger for a few seconds, and after only looking at the woman for a few seconds, Chen Ping’s heart actually started to beat faster, and he suddenly had an urge to rush over and pounce on the woman right away.

Chen Ping bit the tip of his tongue violently, the intense pain made him instantly awake, and his gaze moved away from the woman’s body.

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing that Chen Ping’s face looked a little off, Bai Zhantang opened his mouth and asked.

At this moment, Chen Ping’s heart was still thumping and his face was red. Chen Ping frowned slightly, although he was a hot-blooded young man, he considered himself to be very strong in his composure, there were many girls throwing themselves at him, but Chen Ping had never been impulsive.

Even when he had seen Gu Ling’er’s ketone body, Chen Ping had never been so impulsive, but today, he had only casually swept two eyes at that girl and had lost his temper, which made Chen Ping a little surprised.

“Oh, it’s nothing!” Chen Ping shook his head.

Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping and turned his head to look at the girl again, because just now Chen Ping just looked at the girl for a few moments and became red in the face and breathed heavily.

“Don’t look at her ……”

Chen Ping saw Bai Zhantang also looking at the girl, hurriedly tried to stop it, but unfortunately it was already too late, Bai Zhantang’s gaze had already rested on the girl is body.

After staring at the girl carefully for a while, Bai Zhan Tang turned his head to look at Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, is there something wrong with that girl?”

When Chen Ping saw that Bai Zhan Tang was actually fine, he couldn’t help but feel a little strange, so he asked, “Did you have any impulses when you were looking at that girl?”

“No!” Bai Zhan Tang shook his head with a bewildered expression, “Although that girl was pretty, but she wasn’t so pretty that she felt an impulse just by looking at her, is it that Mr. Chen has been alone for the past few days and is a bit bored, do you want me to find some women for Mr. Chen to accompany ……”

Bai Zhantang thought that Chen Ping had been alone these days and was a little bored with no one to keep him company at night, which is why he was impulsive when he saw a pretty girl.

When Chen Ping heard this, he was immediately embarra*sed and could only shake his head, “No need!”

Although there were girls with him, and there were many girls who liked Chen Ping, but Chen Ping was still a small man and had never tasted a woman before.

Soon, the food came up and Bai Zhan Tang greeted Chen Ping as he ate, while Chen Ping was brave enough to turn his head and look at the girl again.

This time, however, Chen Ping stared at the girl for a while, no longer feeling the same impulsive feeling he had just now, which made Chen Ping feel very surprised.

When Bai Zhantang saw that Chen Ping was still looking at the girl, he gave a smile and said, “Mr. Chen, do you want me to ask that girl over for you?”

“No, come on and eat ……”

Chen Ping started to eat with his head down.

“Aiya, isn’t this the young master of the Bai family? What a coincidence, you’re here to eat too? It’s really fate that we two are here.”

Just when Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping were halfway through their meal, a stray voice suddenly came.

When he heard this voice, Bai Zhan Tang frowned and didn’t even turn around, but said, “Qin Gang, I don’t want to talk to you today, so you’d better stay away from me.”

Chen Ping looked up at Qin Gang, only to see that Qin Gang looked like a gangster, with no aura on his body, not even a martial artist, but behind Qin Gang, he was followed by two men, both of whom were Zong Shi strength.