Phoenix Among Men Chapter 623

“Bai Zhan Tang, this is not your Bai family’s place, I can be wherever I want to be, what do you care?”

Qin Gang said, surprisingly following Bai Zhan Tang directly to sit at a table, obviously not caring about Bai Zhan Tang’s words.

“Are you f*cking looking for a beating?”

When Bai Zhantang saw that this Qin Gang had actually sat down directly next to him with a provocative look, his eyes immediately glared and his aura emanated from his body.

The aura radiating from his body was not something that Qin Gang, an ordinary person, could withstand.

But Qin Gang didn’t seem to be afraid at all. Just as Bai Zhan Tang’s aura pressed towards Qin Gang, the two people who had been behind Qin Gang suddenly started to explode out with their aura as well, and the two auras instantly collided together, and the huge impact made Bai Zhan Tang’s body sway.

Bai Zhan Tang’s face changed and his eyes stared intently at the two men Qin Gang had brought with him, it was obvious that the strength of these two men were not lower than Bai Zhan Tang’s, no wonder this Qin Gang dared to be so rampant.

“Bai Zhan Tang, I just wanted to come over to have a drink with you, is it necessary to be so nervous?” Qin Gang said, surprisingly, he poured himself a gla*s of wine, and then looked at Chen Ping: “This buddy is quite new, where did he come from?”

Qin Gang didn’t know Chen Ping, so that’s why he asked.

But at this moment, Chen Ping didn’t pay attention to Qin Gang, he didn’t even look at him, instead, he put all his attention on the girl who was just there, because at this moment, the girl was still eating quietly, as if she was not affected at all.

He knew that when Bai Zhantang’s qi collided with that of the two experts of the Qin family, the power was extraordinary, but the girl sitting not far away was acting as if nothing had happened, which made Chen Ping interested in her.

When Qin Gang saw that Chen Ping was ignoring him, his face turned cold and he said, “D*mn it, I’m asking you, didn’t you hear me? Are you deaf?”

“Qin Gang, are you looking for death?” When Bai Zhantang saw that Qin Gang dared to scold Chen Ping, he violently slapped the table and stood up.

Seeing this, the two experts of the Qin family also took a step forward directly and followed Bai Zhan Tang face to face, shielding Qin Gang behind them.

At this moment, many of the surrounding diners saw this and dodged to the side, some of the timid ones even left.

When the shopkeepers saw this, they did not dare to say anything, after all, whether it was Bai Zhan Tang or Qin Gang, they were not someone they could afford to mess with.

Bai Zhan Tang faced the two experts of the Qin family, his face was hard to see.

“Bai Zhan Tang, this kid is your father, I scolded him, why are you so protective?”

Qin Gang was still sitting on his chair, slightly tilting his head and looking at Bai Zhan Tang with a disdainful expression.

This time, Bai Zhan Tang was furious, this guy Qin Gang did not have much ability, but his mouth was unforgiving.

Bai Zhan Tang could not stand it anymore and punched Qin Gang.

When the two Qin experts saw Bai Zhan Tang’s action, they also set up their stance and were ready to take action.

But at that moment, Chen Ping got up and directly stopped Bai Zhan Tang, and then looked at Qin Gang and said, “My name is Chen Ping, Hong Cheng came over ……”

Just as Chen Ping finished his words, that Qin Gang froze and jerked to his feet.

“You ……….. You are Chen Ping?” Qin Gang looked at Chen Ping incredulously, he did not expect Chen Ping to be so young.

“What? You know me?” Chen Ping looked at Qin Gang with that look and couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

This was because Chen Ping did not know that this Qin Gang was Qin Feng’s younger brother, Qin Xiaotian’s son.

“Mr. Chen, this fellow is Qin Feng’s younger brother, Qin Xiaotian’s son, a member of the Qin family …..”

With this explanation from Bai Zhantang, Chen Ping instantly understood.

Chen Ping looked at Qin Gang with a playful face and a few chills in his eyes, “So he’s a member of the Qin family, no wonder he’s so rampant, do you want to go to the world of bliss just like your brother?”