Phoenix Among Men Chapter 626

Before Chen Ping could react, the two Grandmasters tangled with each other, their strengths were equal, so the fight was difficult to separate, but they all tried their best.

After more than a hundred rounds, the two masters stabbed each other and died together.

Looking at the three corpses on the ground, Chen Ping could never have imagined that these people would kill themselves by themselves, while the girl had not done anything from the beginning.

At this time, the girl looked at the place where Chen Ping was hiding, and then said coldly, “Still not coming out?”

Seeing that the other party had already discovered him, Chen Ping could only dodge and walk out, cautiously walking towards the girl, his eyes full of vigilance.

Looking at Chen Ping’s wary look, the girl snorted a smile, and this smile of the girl, as if a flower was in full bloom, made Chen Ping’s heart warm instantly.

“Just now so dangerous, you watched me a girl was bullied, but also dare not, you are so cruel ……….”

The girl pouted her lips, pretending to be angry and said to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping only felt his heartstrings being plucked by the girl, that impulsive feeling hitting his whole body again.

“You ………. You are so beautiful ……….”

Chen Ping looked at the girl’s eyes also became a little demented, his expression looked a little silly.

Looking at Chen Ping’s expression, the girl smiled smugly and ruffled her hair with her hand, “Is that so? Am I really beautiful? Then why didn’t you save people just now, I want you to throw these people’s corpses into the river for me now, okay?”

The girl’s pouty tone made Chen Ping a little uncontrollable, nodding his head desperately, “Yes, yes ……….”

But just as Chen Ping picked up the corpse on the ground and was about to leave, the bloody smell came pounding, a white light flashed in Chen Ping’s head, followed by Chen Ping’s eyes becoming clear, his whole person was staggered on the spot, he didn’t know what had just happened.

Looking at the corpse on his body, Chen Ping was so shocked that he hurriedly threw the corpse away, and the spiritual energy in his body burst out directly, tightly protecting his body.

And when the girl saw Chen Ping suddenly drop the corpse and turn her head to look at herself, she also froze for a moment, she did not expect Chen Ping to be able to come to her senses, which surprised her.

“What are you? What did you just do to me?”

Chen Ping looked at the girl angrily, his fists clenched tightly together.

The girl’s surprised expression only flickered, then she became flirtatious and twisted her body towards Chen Ping.

“Little brother, what are you doing so fierce, look at it all, I’m scared, I’m so scared, don’t believe me look at my eyes ……….”

The girl said as she moved closer towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping just looked at the girl’s eyes for a moment, the whole person once again into dumbfounded, the clenched fist also loosened, inside the brain is blank.

Seeing Chen Ping become dumbfounded once again, the girl coldly snorted disdainfully, “Continue to finish what you haven’t finished, and throw the corpse away ……….”

“Yes!” Chen Ping nodded and bent down to carry the corpse on his back once again.

Just as Chen Ping was about to leave with the corpse on his back, a black shadow suddenly flashed by and reached Chen Ping directly, and a hand gently slapped Chen Ping on the top of his head.

Chen Ping’s body jolted, followed by his whole body coming to its senses, and when he saw that he was carrying the corpse on his back again, Chen Ping’s face changed dramatically.

He didn’t know when exactly he had, in a blur, fallen into the trap of being controlled by the girl.

Chen Ping hurriedly threw away the corpse, and then looked at the person beside him, and found that the person who came was none other than Long Wu, who had saved his life and given him the Body Hardening Pill.

And at this moment, that Long Wu was looking at that girl with an icy face, while that girl hurriedly lowered her head after seeing Long Wu, her expression becoming a little scared.

“Mei’er, how many times have I told you, don’t be reckless outside, or you’ll get yourself killed.”

Long Wu reprimanded at the girl.