Phoenix Among Men Chapter 627

“Uncle Dragon, these guys are bad people, if I didn’t kill them just now, they ………. just took me that way.”

Wu Mei’er said with a pout.

“Sophistry, could it be that Chen Ping would also bully you?” Long Wu glared at Wu Mei’er.

“I ………. I just heard Uncle Long say that he was very powerful, so I wanted to test it out, but I didn’t expect it to be very average …..”

Wu Mei’er looked at Chen Ping with a bit of disdain in her eyes, “And this person, his character is also very average, he just watched me being bullied and didn’t even know to help me.”

As Chen Ping listened to Long Wu and Wu Mei Er’s conversation at the moment, his entire body was dumbfounded, so these two people knew each other, and this Long Wu even mentioned himself a lot.

However, it looked like the two people had no malice towards themselves and were not trying to harm them.

Long Wu looked at Chen Ping, he didn’t believe that Chen Ping was the kind of person who wouldn’t save him if he saw death.

When Chen Ping saw Long Wu looking at himself, he hurriedly explained, “She just used her divine sense to probe me, I already knew she was an immortal cultivator, that’s why I didn’t do anything, I knew those few people were no match for her ……”

When Long Wu heard this, his face instantly became even uglier, “Mei’er, who told you to use your divine sense on Chen Ping? If you affect his mind, it will be a big mistake.”

Seeing Long Wu’s expression, Wu Mei’er seemed to know that she was wrong, so she lowered her head and did not dare to speak anymore.

At that moment, there was a sudden sound of footsteps, Long Wu frowned and pulled Wu Mei’er and Chen Ping up, “This is not the place to talk, someone is coming ……”

Chen Ping only felt his body tighten, followed by the sound of whistling wind in his ears, and when he reacted, he found that he had already arrived inside a small park.

Chen Ping looked at Long Wu in surprise, although Chen Ping’s speed was also fast in the eyes of ordinary people, but when compared to Long Wu, it was far worse.

“How come you didn’t leave Kyoto?”

Long Wu asked as he turned to Chen Ping.

“I …… want to know about my birth!”

Chen Ping did not follow Long Wu’s lies, because he knew his background, Long Wu knew it well and there was no need to lie.

“You leave Kyoto immediately, don’t stay here, it’s too dangerous here, didn’t I tell you that after the 15th of July, your birth will be understood naturally.”

Long Wu said to Chen Ping.

“Then can I ask something else?” Chen Ping knew that Long Wu would not talk to him about his birth, but there were many other things that Chen Ping wanted to know.

“As long as you don’t ask about the body, whatever you want to know, feel free to ask, but after you ask, you must leave Kyoto today ……”

Long Wu said with a gloomy face.

Chen Ping nodded and began to ask after Long Wu about things that were unknown to him about the immortal cultivation world.

At that time, Old Dragon Head only taught Chen Ping the cultivation method and brought him into the ranks of immortal cultivators, but he did not tell him about the immortal cultivation world, so Chen Ping was curious about many things.

For example, at his own realm, it was extremely difficult to cultivate because there was too little spiritual energy from heaven and earth and he needed a lot of resources to cultivate, but how did people like Long Wu and the others who were at a much higher realm cultivate? How did those other immortal cultivators in the Immortal Cultivation World cultivate?

After all, resources were limited, spirit medicines that were over a hundred years old, and spirit stones these were all very rare things.

And who was this girl? What kind of magic did she use to make herself lose her mind for a moment and so on ……

Chen Ping chattered on and on asking dozens of questions, directly putting Long Wu in a bit of a daze, while Wu Mei’er at the side was hiding her mouth and giggling.

“Your strength is not low now, and you’re still asking these childish questions, I really don’t know how you cultivate ……”

Wu Mei’er said mockingly at Chen Ping.