Phoenix Among Men Chapter 628

Chen Ping looked a little embarra*sed by Wu Mei’er’s comment, these were childish questions to them, but Chen Ping really didn’t know.

“I understand how you feel, you desire to know this, these questions you are asking, soon you will understand it yourself, and as for who she is, it will have to start many years ago ……”

Long Wu pointed to Wu Mei Er and began to tell Chen Ping slowly.

Chen Ping could tell from Long Wu’s eyes that he treated Wu Mei’er like his own child.

Only after Long Wu’s story did Chen Ping learn that Wu Mei’er was originally an orphan, adopted by Long Wu, and only after she grew up did Long Wu learn that Wu Mei’er was actually born with a charmed body, able to perform the art of charming and controlling people’s minds.

Although Wu Mei’er was also an immortal cultivator, she did not know any other techniques other than charm, not even the concentration of Qi, which meant that if Wu Mei’er did not cast the charm technique, any martial artist would be able to deal with her.

Only then did Chen Ping realise that when Qin Gang stopped Wu Mei’er just now, the panic in Wu Mei’er’s eyes was not a pretence, but a real one.

Thinking of this, Chen Ping felt a little embarra*sed.

“Do you think that a cultivator of immortality will definitely be able to outwit a martial artist, a warlock, and be head and shoulders above them?”

Long Wu asked to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded, in his opinion, immortal cultivators were indeed better than martial artists and warlocks.

Long Wu smiled lightly, “Actually, there is no difference between a cultivator following a martial artist and a warlock, there is only a gap in realms, you are a cultivator now, but if you come across a martial sect among martial artists, they can crush you with a single finger, do you think a cultivator is powerful or a martial artist is powerful? Only the ceiling of a cultivator is higher, the end of a cultivator is an immortal, this is the ultimate dream of every cultivator ……”

Speaking of the word immortal, there was an endless outward look and longing in Long Wu’s eyes!

It could be seen that Long Wu also wanted to become a true immortal.

“Immortal ……” Chen Ping muttered, although he had tried his best to cultivate, he had never thought that he would become an immortal.

He had only started his cultivation in order to do what he had promised Old Leader, to find out what would actually happen on the 15th of July.

There was no thought of becoming an immortal, and he didn’t even know if he could become one after all with this so-called cultivation.

“You should not think so much, you put more energy into your cultivation now, but in such a short period of time, you have managed to reach the realm of incorruptibility, it is really a bit out of my expectation ……”

Long Wu looked at Chen Ping with satisfaction and suddenly punched Chen Ping in the abdomen.

Chen Ping was caught off guard by the blow and his body directly flew backwards, before ruthlessly hitting a big tree with a huge impact, directly knocking that big tree down.

Chen Ping was bewildered by Long Wu’s blow, and did not understand how Long Wu could have said that he would do it when he said he would do it.

Rubbing his abdomen, Chen Ping walked back, that punch from Long Wu just now did not cause any damage to Chen Ping, whose fleshly body had now been terribly hardened.

On the side, when Wu Mei’er saw Long Wu suddenly strike at Chen Ping, she was also stunned, leaving her somewhat at a loss for words.

“Not bad, this body of yours now is only worthy of your current strength, and it’s not worth wasting a Body Tempering Pill on me ……”

Long Wu nodded happily when he saw that Chen Ping had walked over unharmed.

When Chen Ping heard this, it turned out that this Long Wu had punched himself in order to test how far his body had been hardened.

“Uncle Long, you …… gave him the Body Hardening Pill? That’s something you’ve worked countless hours to get ……”

Wu Mei’er said with a surprised face when she heard that Long Wu had given the Body Tempering Pill to Chen Ping.