Phoenix Among Men Chapter 63

Chen Ping took Wang Han Han back home and found that Wang Changfeng was still chatting with her parents at her house. Originally, Chen Ping wanted to let Wang Han Han stabilize her emotions before going home, but this time he was directly discovered!

Seeing Chen Ping and Wang Han Han home together, Wang Changfeng and Chen Baoguo were all stunned, only Tang Hongying could not see and did not change her expression, but spoke indifferently, “Chen Ping, is it you who came back? Why are you back so late?”

On the other hand, Chen Baoguo on the side pulled Tang Hongying’s arm: “Chen Ping followed Han Han, the two of them came back together ……”

When he said this, Chen Baoguo’s face was full of smiles.

When Tang Hongying heard this, she also instantly smiled and said, “Chen Ping, you child, if you go to look for Han Han, just tell us directly, and go secretly by yourself, do you want to give us a surprise?”

Chen Ping was speechless and wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to explain!

At this moment, only Wang Changfeng noticed that Wang Han Han’s face did not look right, and she had also cried, so she frowned slightly and said, “Han Han, don’t you have to work overtime? And why have you been crying? You still smell of alcohol!”

Wang Changfeng asked Wang Hanhan a series of questions, making her panic, not knowing how to answer!

“Auntie Wang, Han Han didn’t work overtime, she was following her colleagues to drink, and those people kept pouring wine into her, so I found out and brought Han Han back!”

Chen Ping hurriedly made up a lie!

When Wang Changfeng heard this, she hurriedly got up and checked Wang Han Han’s body, her eyes full of concern, “What kind of colleagues are you all, you know you can’t drink, and still poured you alcohol, it’s too much ……”

Seeing her mother so nervous about herself, Wang Han Han could no longer hold back and hugged Wang Changfeng and cried again!

Wang Changfeng comforted Wang Hanhan: “Hanhan, if you’re not happy at work, let’s quit, what a sh*tty colleague …………”

Wang Changfeng thought that Wang Hanhan was being bullied by her colleagues and was aggrieved!

After all, Wang Han Han has just worked for a short time and is considered a newcomer, and many companies bully newcomers!

“Yes, Han Han you don’t cry, big deal we quit, tomorrow your uncle Chen go to entrust someone to find a job for Chen Ping, let him help you ask together, we are college students, still afraid of no job ah ……”

The first thing you need to do is to ask for a job.

“I’ll ask together tomorrow, there should be no problem, after all, this man is my old comrade ……”

Chen Baoguo also spoke up!

The more a few people persuaded Wang Han Han, the sadder Wang Han Han cried, only Chen Ping himself knew why Wang Han Han was crying!

Wang Changfeng had no choice but to take Wang Hanhan home!

“Chen Ping, you also go to bed early, tomorrow take you to your Uncle Sun’s house, let him find a job for you, by the way, for Han Han also ask, this child is really too bitter ……” Tang Hongying sighed: “You can not bully Han Han in the future You should be nice to people ……”

The Sun uncle that Tang Hongying spoke of was Chen Baoguo’s comrade Sun Fuhai, after his discharge from the army Chen Baoguo became a civil servant in politics, while Sun Fuhai went into business with his discharge grant, and is now making a good living, a good life!

“Mom, I …………”

“Okay, go to bed ……”

Tang Hongying didn’t hear Chen Ping out and walked straight away!

Chen Ping was a bit helpless, he had always taken Wang Han Han as his sister, there was no such male and female feelings at all, now he didn’t know what to say to his parents!

After shaking his head helplessly, Chen Ping also went back to his room to sleep, he could not go to Pan Long Bay for a short time, he was afraid that his parents would be angry.

The next morning, Tang Hongying shouted, “Chen Ping, get up quickly, dress well, don’t be unkempt, your Uncle Sun has taken a day off for us!”

“Got it ……”

Chen Ping said as he opened his eyes!

After a simple breakfast, the three of them hurriedly left the house, took a taxi and headed for Sun Fuhai’s house!