Phoenix Among Men Chapter 64

Sun Fuhai’s family lives in one of the more famous Phoenix Manor neighborhoods in Hongcheng, where the average price of a house is more than 10,000, and a house can easily cost more than a million, which is not something ordinary people in a small place like Hongcheng can afford!

“Chen Ping, when you get to the place, be a little sweeter and more polite, after all, we are asking people to do things, like you, it’s hard to find a job, no company is willing to find a person who has been in prison, you pay more attention to yourself ……”

In the car, Tang Hongying repeatedly admonished Chen Ping, afraid that Chen Ping had made a mistake!

“All right, cut the crap, what’s wrong with having been in jail? What’s wrong with having been in jail? Just because you’ve been in jail doesn’t mean you’re a bad person? I followed Fu Hai’s affection for many years, this matter is certainly no problem ……”

Chen Baoguo turned back from the pa*senger side and said to Tang Hongying!

He was afraid that Tang Hongying’s nagging would upset Chen Ping, especially by bringing up the matter of imprisonment, after all, Chen Ping’s imprisonment was wrong enough.

“You have such a good affection, how come you haven’t seen him come to see you these past few years? Don’t you know yourself what kind of life we’ve had these past few years?”

Tang Hongying was a little unhappy, during the years Chen Ping had been in jail, their family’s life had gone down the drain, yet they hadn’t seen Sun Fuhai come once!

“Come on, I don’t blame Fuhai, I didn’t tell him, I didn’t tell him about our family’s situation, and he doesn’t know our address, how can he come and see us? We are lifelong comrades, back then, if I hadn’t pounced on him during the bomb throwing practice, there would have been no Sun Fuhai now!”

Chen Baoguo, a man who was more a*sertive and was a squad leader back then, so mixed up in the way he is now, embarra*sed to follow his comrades!

If it wasn’t for Chen Ping’s job search, he wouldn’t have come to beg for Sun Fuhai’s help.

“Mom, it’s not like you don’t know my father’s nature, I’ll pay attention when I get to the place, and when I earn money from my job, our family’s life will be better ……”

Chen Ping said to Tang Hongying.

Now Chen Ping has 10 million in his pocket, but he can’t follow his parents, after all, this money can’t be explained, if the truth is told, his parents will not believe, after all, his experience in prison these three years is too legendary!

At this time, in a two-storey villa in Phoenix Manor, Sun Fuhai, in his fifties, was dressed in a very old military uniform and was tidying up in front of a mirror!

On the sofa a girl in her early twenties, not bad looking, tall body, wearing a plaid pajamas, was half lying on top of the sofa playing with her phone!

“Dad, what’s wrong with you? How many years ago is this worn out military uniform, why are you still wearing it?”

The girl swept a glance at Sun Fuhai and said!

This girl was Sun Fuhai’s only daughter, Sun Xiaomeng.

“Your father is going to see his old comrades, that’s why he took it out and wore it, but this belly is so big that the clothes don’t fit!”

A middle-aged woman came out of the kitchen with a plate of fruit, the woman was wearing a black sheath dress with a white shirt underneath, a pair of flesh-coloured stockings plus high heels, clearly a professional white-collar dress, plus with a lightly painted make-up, she looked very young for her age!

This woman was Sun Fuhai’s wife, Li Fengxia, who worked as a sales manager in her own family’s company!

“Old Sun, who are your comrades in arms this time? I can hear that several of your comrades have become prosperous, you go around more, let them help out, maybe our family company will be able to get through the hard times, otherwise in the resistance for some time are going to go bankrupt ……”

Li Fengxia put down the fruit, worried to Sun Fuhai asked.

“You do not care, this time is our old cla*s leader to home, have not seen for several years, you all give me polite ……”

Sun Fuhai said to Li Fengxia with some impatience!

“Old cla*s president? That maybe now has long been mixed with prosperity, I remember before you seem to have mentioned, and also saved your life, later after discharge, went into politics ……”

Li Fengxia continued to ask.