Phoenix Among Men Chapter 634

“Hahahaha, just give me this fight, give me to beat him alive ……”

Qin Xiaotian saw the situation and shouted excitedly.

Chen Ping gazed at the four vajra in front of him, if he had another good weapon at this time, then it would be easier to deal with these four men.

Chen Ping decided that it was time for him to find a weapon that he could use, otherwise he would be very pa*sive if he ran into a horizontal refining sect master like the Four Vajra.

“Use your hand as a sword, use your strength as a blade, unite your sword and your person, and your strength will cut down the Qiankun …………”

Just when Chen Ping was chagrined that he did not have a weapon and was not good at dealing with the Four Vajra, a familiar voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Ping hurriedly turned his head to look and found that the person coming was none other than Long Wu, who was currently looking at him, but it looked as if he had no intention of helping.

“Using your hand as a sword? …………”

Chen Ping carefully mulled over Long Wu’s words, not understanding what Long Wu was talking about.

“Your body is now hardened harder than steel, turn your hand into a large sword, which is incredibly harder than any material, and you yourself don’t know how to make use of it ……”

Long Wu reminded Chen Ping.

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, he immediately understood and was immediately overjoyed, inwardly savoring Long Wu’s few words.

When Qin Xiaotian saw the sudden appearance of Long Wu, his face suddenly turned cold: “What are you, if you don’t want to die, get the hell away from me ……”

Long Wu did not retort, but after giving Chen Ping a glance, he turned around and walked away, and in the blink of an eye there was no trace of Long Wu.

Chen Ping slowly stretched out his own right hand, his eyes full of burning heat, he seemed to have realized a lot from Long Wu’s few words.

“Use your hand as a sword, use your strength as a blade …………”

Chen Ping muttered to himself as the spiritual energy within his dantian swarmed over his right hand.

Chen Ping’s right hand began to glow with a faint light, and in the end, a golden light surprisingly appeared, and one could vaguely see that Chen Ping’s entire arm seemed to transform into a large golden sword.

“What are you still standing there for, kill him ……”

Seeing this, Qin Xiaotian hurriedly roared at the Four Great Vajra.

The Great Vajra took the lead and smashed his fist towards Chen Ping, the sound of breaking air suddenly sounded as if the air was torn apart.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Chen Ping’s mouth as he looked at the fist of the Great Vajra, and just as the fist of the Great Vajra reached him, Chen Ping’s hand blade swung down.


After a crisp sound, one could only see that the arm of Donkey Kong was directly severed, and then flew off.

Blood gushed out along the broken arm of the Da Gangster, while Chen Ping took the opportunity to kick out, sending the Da Gangster flying out.

“What a bronze head and iron arm, it is only so ……”

Chen Ping decapitated the arm of the great vajra with one blow, giving him a sudden surge of confidence.

“How is this …… possible?”

Qin Xiaotian looked at the broken arm of the Great Vajra and was filled with incredulity.

He had to know that these Four Great Vajra originally practiced hard qigong, in addition to the Qin family’s transformation, even without luck, bullets could not hurt the Four Great Vajra’s body, but Chen Ping had actually severed the arm of the Great Vajra with a single hand slash.

Chen Ping’s strength had exceeded Qin Xiaotian’s imagination, which made Qin Xiaotian’s face become unsightly.

“Set up a formation …………”

Qin Xiaotian shouted with a fierce face.

Hearing Qin Xiaotian’s order, the Four Great Vajra suddenly stood side by side to each other, even though the Great Vajra, who had already broken his arm, was letting the blood flow freely at the moment, without caring.

The Four Great Vajra suddenly stood side by side, even the one with the broken arm was now bleeding, unconcerned.

One punch, two punches, three punches …………

After swinging eight punches towards the mid-air, a strange scene appeared, only to see an incomparably huge fist slowly coalescing in the mid-air, followed by light erupting from above the fist.