Phoenix Among Men Chapter 635

This enormous fist was formed with the energy of the Four Vajra. Just now, they swung their fists in mid-air, not wasting their energy, but condensing it in mid-air and finally converging it into this enormous fist.

A huge fluctuation of power overflowed from the huge fist, and then the huge fist swept towards Chen Ping.

The wind from this fist alone was like a force 10 gale, whistling and flying sand and rocks were flying everywhere.

Qin Xiaotian’s eyes were blown open and he hurriedly retreated backwards with a bit of smugness on his face, “Chen Ping, let me see how you can survive such a punch.”

Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the punch that fell from the sky, slowly raised his right hand and stomped violently on the ground.

Ka ka ka ka …………

As Chen Ping stomped hard, cracks surprisingly appeared on the hard pavement, like a spider’s web, as the place under Chen Ping’s feet began to crack in all directions.

The cracks grew larger and larger, and eventually the entire palm of his hand could fit inside.

Looking at the path of cracks on the ground, Qin Xiaotian, who originally had a smug look on his face, his face instantly went cold.

This one foot had caused the ground to look like this, how powerful should Chen Ping’s strength be?

Before Qin Xiaotian could react, there was a loud rumbling sound, only to see Chen Ping leap up and ruthlessly follow the huge fist that fell from the sky with his own fist and collide with it.

With a blinding flash of golden light, the huge fist unexpectedly turned to smithereens under Chen Ping’s blow, and finally turned into a wisp of cloudy smoke that was blown away by the wind.

Looking at this scene, the Four Vajra were not willing to give up, so they once again swung their fists towards the mid-air, and soon the huge fist condensed again.

Chen Ping had just struck a blow so hard that he had almost exhausted his spiritual energy, but just as he landed on the ground, another punch immediately came.

Chen Ping tilted his head back and in the blink of an eye that huge fist reached the top of Chen Ping’s head.

Chen Ping gritted his teeth and struggled to use his strong physical body to resist the punch.


A loud sound was followed by a violent explosion as if a bomb had fallen from the sky.

The shockwave caused Qin Xiaotian, who was not far away, to feel a shaking, and dozens of pounds of stones were blown everywhere.

The hard pavement was directly blasted into a crater of several metres, while Chen Ping was standing in the middle of the crater, his clothes having been directly blown off his body, revealing his bronzed skin.

Seeing this, Qin Xiaotian hurriedly ran to the edge of the big pit, he wanted to see if Chen Ping had been smashed into mush by this punch, but when he saw that Chen Ping was actually standing in the middle of the big pit in good health, apart from the shattered clothes on his body, there was nothing wrong with his body, not even a scratch, which made Qin Xiaotian dumbfounded.

Chen Ping looked at his slightly distressed appearance, but in his heart he was secretly happy, this body of his was far stronger than he had imagined, no wonder an immortal cultivator with the strength of Long Wu had to go through a lot of trouble to obtain that Body Tempering Pill!

Chen Ping slowly raised his head, completely ignoring his current wretched appearance, and grinned towards that Qin Xiaotian, his mouth full of big white teeth, causing Qin Xiaotian to almost die of anger.

“Rubbish, all f*cking rubbish, give me to continue to fight until killed …………”

Qin Xiaotian roared, and the Four Vajra could only gather their energy again and blast out towards the mid-air!

Rumble …………

The huge fist once again descended from the sky as Chen Ping stood straight in the middle of the deep pit, taking the thunderous blow!

When the huge fist blasted at Chen Ping’s body, instead of the slightest pain, Chen Ping had a very comfortable feeling, it seemed that his hardened body would become more and more indestructible the more he went through the hammering.