Phoenix Among Men Chapter 636

The deep pit was deepened a few more times by the tremendous force of the blast, and after the smoke and dust cleared, Qin Xiaotian, who was standing at the edge of the deep pit, saw Chen Ping still standing intact in the middle, his eyes full of contempt looking at him.

“Ah …………”

Qin Xiaotian was going crazy: “All of you are f*cking trash, haven’t you eaten? Use all your strength for me …………”

Qin Xiaotian hissed, while the four vajra, under Qin Xiaotian’s orders, also kept swinging their fists out towards the mid-air.

Soon, each of the four vajra had long been drenched in sweat, and the energy in their bodies was almost depleted, each time the giant fist they gathered was a few points weaker.

“Qin Xiaotian, haven’t the four guys you brought with you eaten?”

Chen Ping asked with a mocking face to Qin Xiaotian in the middle of the deep pit.

Qin Xiaotian was about to die of anger, and when he was about to continue to order the Four Vajra to strike, he found that the Four Vajra had all fallen to the ground.

The four were all puppets, obeying Qin Xiaotian’s words, and until their strength dried up and they died of exhaustion, the Four Vajra did not stop, and now the four fell to the ground, obviously without breath.

Seeing that the Four Vajra were dead, Qin Xiaotian slowly came to his senses at this time and panic began to flicker in his eyes.

The Four Vajra were the killers of the Qin family, and now they had all been exhausted alive by Qin Xiaotian. If his elder brother knew about this, he would definitely not spare him.

He should have known long ago that the strength of the Four Vajra could not hurt Chen Ping, but at that time, he had been stimulated by Chen Ping to faint, so he had desperately ordered the Four Vajra to do something, and as a result, he had all died of exhaustion.

At this moment, when Chen Ping, who was in the deep pit, saw no movement, he directly leapt up and jumped up from the deep pit.

When he saw the Four Vajra who had fallen to the ground and died of exhaustion, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Hahahaha, I still want these four guys to practice with me, how come they died like this? Did they die from exhaustion of their power?”

Chen Ping’s mockery caused Qin Xiaowei’s body to tremble, and with one hand pressing his waist, a soft sword appeared in his hand.

“Chen Ping, today I will definitely kill you …………”

Qin Xiaotian said, and with a shake of the soft sword in his hand, it instantly transformed into countless sword shadows, directly enveloping Chen Ping.

Ding ding ding ding ding …………

After a sound of metal clashing, Qin Xiaotian hurriedly retreated two steps, his hand holding the sword began to tremble slightly, feeling a vague pain at his tiger mouth.

When he looked at his soft sword again, he found that the soft sword, which had been hardened with refined steel, had now appeared with a small nick, and with the nick, the sword began to fracture into countless pieces.

“Although your sword is good, it is not as good as this sword of mine …………”

Chen Ping said with incomparable excitement on his face as he looked at his right hand.

Qin Xiaotian threw away the hilt of the sword he was holding, and his eyes were filled with anger as he looked at Chen Ping, except that he did not make a move against Chen Ping, because he knew that if he did, he would be asking for trouble, and he was no match for Chen Ping.

“Since you won’t make a move, then it’s my turn ……”

Chen Ping saw that Qin Xiaotian did not dare to make a move, so he leapt up.

Chen Ping’s right hand flicked in the air, a blade mane visible to the naked eye flashed out, the terrifying blade mane brought up an endless storm, before this blade mane reached Qin Xiaotian, Chen Ping slashed out with another slash.

Dozens of slashes were struck in a row, and the entire sky began to change colour.

No matter how Qin Xiaotian dodged, it was impossible for him to dodge, but Qin Xiaotian did not, he had already prepared for his certain death, and his eyes were slightly closed.