Phoenix Among Men Chapter 641

“Childish …………”

Just after Lin Tianhu’s words fell, a chirpy voice came in from outside.

The crowd looked for the sound and found a very pretty girl walking in from outside, the girl was wearing a hanging tail braid and looked like a student.

“Who are you?”

Lin Tianhu looked at the girl and asked with a grim face.

If it was an ordinary girl, seeing Lin Tianhu’s appearance, she would probably be terrified, but this girl did not think anything of it and said, “I’m from Kyoto, I’m here to find Chen Ping ……”

As soon as the girl’s words left her mouth, everyone looked at each other, and then they all looked at Su Yuqi.

They all knew that Chen Ping had stayed in Kyoto by himself for a few days, but they didn’t want a girl from Kyoto to chase after them at home just shortly after they returned.

“Who are you Chen Ping? What are you looking for Chen Ping for?”

Su Yuqi asked as she looked at the girl with a bit of hostility in her eyes.

The girl looked at Su Yuqi twice before smiling disdainfully and said, “You are Su Yuqi, right? You’re really pretty, but you’re just a vase, you don’t have any breath on you, you’re going to get into trouble last night if you follow Chen Ping around like that, Chen Ping isn’t capable of protecting you all the time.”

“You …………” Su Yuqi’s eyes glared, her face full of anger, and she was about to rush towards the girl, but she was stopped by Gu Wentian.

Gu Wentian could see that the girl had an extraordinary temperament and was from Kyoto, so it was better not to be making enemies at this time.

“This young lady, I wonder what you are looking for in Chen Ping?”

Gu Wentian asked as he turned to the girl.

“I’m here to deliver something to him, where is Chen Ping?”

The girl asked.

“Chen is still in his bedroom cultivating, it’s been three days and he hasn’t woken up yet …………”

Gu Wentian said truthfully.

“Then why don’t you hurry up and wake him up, there’s going to be a big disaster in three days, why don’t you hurry up and think of a countermeasure ……”

The girl said, and was ready to go up and push the door to wake up Chen Ping.

Only to be directly stopped by Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng: “Mr. Chen cultivates, no one can disturb unless Mr. Chen himself wakes up ……”

Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng knew that when Chen Ping was cultivating, it was most taboo for others to disturb him, which was why they stopped the girl.

The girl looked at Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng and rolled her eyes, but did not insist, but walked to the side.

A ray of divine sense emanated from the girl’s body and explored directly towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping, who was cultivating, snapped open his eyes after sensing a divine sense probing him, and directly leapt up and rushed out of the room.

When he saw that there were actually so many people inside the living room, he was instantly given a freeze.

“Why are you …… all here? What day is it today?”

Chen Ping asked with a dumbfounded expression.

“They’re here to see you off, you’re going to die in two days ……”

The girl came forward at this point and said.

“Wu Mei’er, when did you …… you come?”

Seeing the girl, Chen Ping was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes kept looking around, Wu Mei’er came, maybe Long Wu came too.

“Don’t look, Uncle Long didn’t come, only I came!”

Wu Mei’er said, pulling out a bronze mirror only the size of a palm from her body, looking at the rusty bronze mirror, it looked like it had just been dug out of the earth.

“This is a heart protecting bronze mirror, Uncle Long is so kind to you, this is his treasure, he asked me to bring it to you, you put on this heart protecting bronze mirror, you can block that Qin Xiaolin’s fatal strike, Uncle Long asked me to tell you, that Qin Xiaolin has become a Martial Sect, with this body, you can’t resist a Martial Sect’s strike, don’t go looking for death yourself and fight it hard… …”

Wu Mei’er threw the bronze mirror to Chen Ping, and after she finished speaking, she directly turned around and walked outwards, leaving without looking back.