Phoenix Among Men Chapter 642

When they heard the word Martial Sect, all of them froze, except for Su Wenzong and his friends who were not from the martial arts world, especially Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng.

Just now Lin Tianhu had said that he had thousands of people and was not afraid at all, but now it seemed to be a joke, not to mention thousands of people, even if there were more people, in front of the Martial Sect, they were all ants, and could be solved with a wave of the hand.

Chen Ping looked at Wu Mei’er, who was leaving, and wanted to go after her and ask her who Long Wu was and why she was helping her, but Chen Ping didn’t move, he knew Wu Mei’er wouldn’t say anything.

At this moment, Su Yuqi looked at the leaving Wu Mei’er, her face was a burst of embarra*sment, it turned out that the other party had come to deliver something to Chen Ping, to help Chen Ping, while she was jealous of the other party.

Thinking about Wu Meier’s words, Su Yuqi suddenly felt that what Wu Meier said was very right, she really had no other skills other than this beautiful body, she was a vase, a vase that would most likely bring a drag to Chen Ping ……

Thinking about this, Su Yuqi’s mood sank lower.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Chen Ping swept a glance at the crowd and asked with a face full of confusion.

“Mr. Chen, can you take a look at this …………?”

Lin Tianhu took out his phone, opened a forum and brought it to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping looked at the challenge on it, as well as the three words Qin Xiaolin inscribed at the end, and instantly understood.

It seemed that this Qin Xiaolin had come out of the gate and issued this challenge letter after seeing that his son and nephew had both been killed by himself.

“What’s supposed to come will come eventually, so you guys don’t need to be so nervous, right?”

Chen Ping looked at the crowd who were all in a somewhat low mood, so he smiled lightly and said, “It’s just a Qin Xiaolin, I can deal with it ……”

“Mr. Chen, that Qin Xiaolin has come out of seclusion and has broken through the realm of Grand Master and become a Martial Master, this …… kind of strength is afraid that it can be compared to an immortal ……”

Red Phoenix said with a palpitating heart.

She was only a Seventh Grade Sovereign now, she hadn’t even touched the shadow of a Grand Sovereign yet, while the other party was already a Martial Dao Sovereign, a realm that Red Phoenix didn’t even dare to think about.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like someone sent me a protective treasure, that Qin Xiaolin can’t kill me, it’s not certain who will lose and who will win by then, don’t even worry about it ……”

Chen Ping said with an indifferent face.

The reason why he said this was to keep the crowd from worrying, he had never faced such an expert as a martial arts clan before, the other day when he was fighting with the four great masters, Chen Ping almost lost and used up all his spiritual energy, now he was fighting with Qin Xiaolin, a martial arts clan, Chen Ping really didn’t know if he could survive.

But no matter what, Chen Ping would not run away, since the other party had issued a challenge, Chen Ping would meet it, so that he could also put his mind at ease, at least knowing that the Qin family would not lay hands on the people around him, now Chen Ping was most worried about Su Yuqi, if the other party laid hands on her, Chen Ping could not protect her all the time.

Seeing Chen Ping’s indifferent look, all of them were slightly relieved, after all, no one knew how strong Chen Ping was right now.

After staying in the villa for a while longer, the crowd also began to leave one after another, while Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng were personally guarding the entrance of the villa, ready to guard Chen Ping every inch of the way.

Although the Martial Sect had scared the two of them out of their wits long ago, they would not leave Chen Ping either.

And inside the room, Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er did not leave either, both of them in a depressed mood.

“Chen Ping, I’m sorry, it’s all because of me, if something happens to you, I can’t forgive myself ……”

Gu Ling’er said with an apologetic face as she followed Chen Ping.