Phoenix Among Men Chapter 651

“Mr. Chen, is there something wrong?”

Zhou Zhiqian asked in a small voice.

“Oh, nothing, let’s go in and take a look ……”

Chen Ping followed Zhou Zhiqian towards the inside of the room, but on this journey, Chen Ping did not feel a trace of spiritual energy, but rather a gust of gloomy wind.

The first is that the 10,000-year Ginseng King is not in the courtyard of the Shen family, and the second is that the Shen family does not have any 10,000-year Ginseng King at all, but is spreading false news.

However, no matter which case it was, Chen Ping had to see the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King first, and he would not trade until he saw something.

Zhou Zhiqian led Chen Ping and the others into the hall. Although there were quite a few subordinates of the Shen family, no one stopped them, but they all nodded slightly towards Zhou Zhiqian and greeted him, so it could be seen that Zhou Zhiqian was also quite familiar with the Shen family.

After walking into the hall, I only saw five or six people sitting on the sofa, some smoking cigarettes and frowning, some with their heads down, seemingly thinking about something, and there was a woman with tears in her eyes, probably having just cried.

“Uncle Zhou, when did you arrive? Please sit down quickly …………”

At this time, a young man spotted Zhou Zhiqian and the others, so he hurriedly got up and said.

The others also looked up and saw that it was Zhou Zhiqian who had arrived, and all of them rose to welcome him, each of them treating Zhou Zhiqian with respect.

“Sit down, everyone sit down ……”

Zhou Zhiqian was somewhat flattered and hurriedly waved his hand for everyone to sit down, then asked the young man, “Shen Lang, I heard that your father was ill, so I rushed over, how is he?”

Zhou Zhiqian knew how to be humane and didn’t mention the matter of the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King at all, but first cared about the health of Shen Wan San, the head of the Shen family, so that when the time came to talk about the matter of the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King, that Shen family would always have to take care of some face.

“Ai ……” Shen Lang sighed: “We are not just worrying about it, when he just came back, my father was good and bad, and occasionally he could recognize people, but now he is like a fool, he doesn’t know anyone, and he is still yelling He bites people on sight ……”

When Zhou Zhiqian heard this, he was slightly shocked, he did not expect Shen Wansan’s condition to be so serious.

“What the hell is going on here? How did it turn out like this?”

Although Zhou Zhiqian had heard his brother Zhou Zhicheng talk about it, but what Zhou Zhicheng knew was just some skin deep, after all, only the real reason was known to the Shen family themselves.

Shen Lang opened his mouth, but the last words didn’t come out, and sat back with a sigh.

Other members of Shen’s family were also silent, while others cried in small voices.

“Didn’t they get a doctor to take a look?”

Zhou Zhiqian said with a questioning face.

“I’ve searched, all the doctors in hundreds of miles around have searched, no one can see them, they all say Wan San won’t live more than three days …………”

The woman replied, and as she said that, she cried out in pain again.

“Sister-in-law, don’t cry for now, I think there will definitely be a solution ……” Zhou Zhiqian comforted the woman, and then glanced at Chen Ping, before saying to the Shen family members, “I came back this time and specially brought Mr. Chen from Guanai I’ve invited him here, Mr. Chen is a famous miracle doctor, no matter what the illness is, he will definitely cure it ……”

When the crowd saw that Zhou Zhiqian had brought a miracle doctor, they all looked at the three Chen Ping’s behind Zhou Zhiqian.

In the end, all eyes fell on Lin Tianhu, after all, Lin Tianhu was older and it was possible to say that he was a divine doctor, while Chen Ping was a young man in his early twenties, no one thought of him as a divine doctor.