Phoenix Among Men Chapter 650

When Zhou Zhiqian saw that Chen Ping had arrived, he hurriedly greeted him and gave Chen Ping a poof and knelt down, only to be lifted up by Chen Ping with a gentle hand.

“Zhou Zhiqian, what’s wrong with you?”

Chen Ping asked.

“Mr. Chen, my fourth brother is haunted, he dares to find someone to try to drive Mr. Chen away, he is simply looking for death, I told him to kneel down and apologize to Mr. Chen, I also hope that Mr. Chen will be magnanimous and bypa*s their lives ……”

After Zhou Zhiqian finished, he gave that Zhou Zhicheng a fierce kick, “b*****d, don’t apologize to Mr. Chen yet ……”

“Eldest uncle, what are you doing?”

Zhou Wei asked discontentedly when he saw this.

“Pa …………”

Zhou Zhiqian gave Zhou Wei a fierce slap, “Kneel down for me too, you father and son are a nest of snakes and rats, if you can’t make Mr. Chen turn out today, you will get out of the Zhou family, and in the future, all of the Zhou family’s properties will not have a share in you ……”

Although Zhou Zhiqian has left the old family, but the Zhou family can develop, all thanks to Zhou Zhiqian help, all Zhou Zhiqian in the family to speak is still very weighty.

When Zhou Wei heard that he was going to be kicked out of the Zhou family, he was so scared that he also hurriedly fell to his knees.

“Kowtow, Kowtow to Mr. Chen ……”

Zhou Zhiqian shouted angrily at both Zhou Zhicheng’s father and son.

Zhou Zhiqian couldn’t mention how angry he was, a bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well, how dare they find punks to go after Chen Ping, isn’t this pulling hair from a tiger, looking for death?

He was a famous man in the whole of Jiangbei, not to mention Chen Ping.

Zhou Zhicheng and Zhou Wei, father and son, could only kowtow to Chen Ping, and soon the two had big buns on their heads.

“Alright …………”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

In fact, Chen Ping did not intend to pursue this matter, a bunch of punks were just a bunch of punks, just like shooing away flies, he just dismissed them casually, Chen Ping did not take it to heart, he only wanted to get the 10,000 year ginseng king this time, as for the rest, it did not matter.

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen …………”

Zhou Zhiqian hurriedly followed Chen Ping and thanked him.

“We shouldn’t be late, let’s go and see that 10,000 year old ginseng king, so that we don’t have a long night ……”

Chen Ping could not stay here for long because he still had a challenge to do, he only had one more day today, he had to fly back tomorrow.

“Good, we will go to the Shen family right away ……”

Zhou Zhiqian nodded and personally drove Chen Ping with them towards the Shen family.

Looking at the distant car, Zhou Wei, who was kneeling on the ground, asked, “Dad, what exactly are these three people’s origins?”

Zhou Zhicheng’s face was pale at this point, and his body was trembling slightly, “Don’t ask, we almost didn’t stir up the sky …………”

After saying that, Zhou Zhicheng sat down on his buttocks.


Because the county was not large, Chen Ping and his family soon arrived at the Shen family’s house, which was obviously more luxurious than Zhou Zhiqian’s, a quadrangle of four in front and eight in the back, with dozens of rooms alone.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he felt a gust of gloomy wind, and the temperature had dropped considerably.

Zhou Zhiqian and Lin Tianhu all tightened their clothes.

“What the hell kind of weather is this, it’s obviously summer, but it’s so cold ……”

Lin Tianhu shivered a little and said.

“It is is cold enough ……”

Red Phoenix also followed suit and agreed.

“That’s how it is in the northeast, the seasons are indistinguishable throughout the year, even if it snows at a festival like this, there’s nothing strange about it ……”

Zhou Zhiqian explained.

But Chen Ping didn’t say anything, but swept around with a slight frown: “This is plowing people’s ancestral graves, right? The Yin Qi is so heavy ……”

Chen Ping’s words were not understood by Zhou Zhiqian, but Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng did.

Because the two followed Chen Ping, but they had seen it before, when in the provincial city, Jiang’s family had killed so many girls and then buried them on a small hill, at that time it was Chen Ping who saw that the Yin Qi was heavy there, and only then ordered people to dig it up.

Now that Chen Ping had said such words, Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng both understood why they felt cold.