Phoenix Among Men Chapter 654

After all, if Chen Ping P*ssed off Zheng Xun, it wouldn’t be good for their Shen family. If they really P*ssed off Zheng Xun, who would give Shen Wansan medical treatment.

“What do you guys know? Mr. Chen is not only highly skilled in medicine, but also can alchemist it, do you don’t that Mr. Chen follow ordinary doctors to compare ……”

Zhou Zhiqian saw that all the Shen family members spoke out against Chen Ping and became anxious.

“Old Brother Zhou, we appreciate your kindness, you’d better take this whatever divine doctor you’ve found and go, we’re relieved to have Dean Zheng around, we don’t need such a bullish divine doctor like you ……”

Shen Wanfu actually gave Zhou Zhiqian an expulsion order ……

This made Zhou Zhiqian furious, but he was accompanying Chen Ping to sell the 10,000 year ginseng king, even if he was angry, Zhou Zhiqian could not leave.

“Alright, well, let’s talk about your brother’s symptoms first ……”

Zheng Xun saw that both Chen Ping and Zhou Zhiqian had stopped talking, so he waved his hand and asked Shen Wanfu.

Once Shen Wanfu heard this, he hurriedly followed Zheng Xun and talked about his elder brother’s situation, and through Shen Wanfu’s description, Zheng Xun frowned slightly.

“Hearing you say so, your brother does not look like he is sick, it seems like he is suffering from hysteria and his mind has been messed up by something dirty ……”

Zheng Xun analyzed.

“Ah …………”

When the Shen family members heard this, they all panicked one by one.

Although the Shen family is rich, but the Shen family are also ordinary people, occasionally have heard of some ghosts and gods, but have not encountered, now hearing Zheng Xun said so, all were scared.

But as soon as Zheng Xun’s reputation was known, they could not disbelieve what he said, so Shen Wanfu hurriedly asked, “President Zheng, then …… is my brother still saved?”

“Of course there is salvation, since I am here, even if it is hysteria, I can still cure it, don’t worry ……”

Zheng Xun said with a confident chest.

Hearing Zheng Xun say so, the hearts of Shen’s family hanging in the air were sort of relieved.

The first thing that happened was that Chen Ping looked at Zheng Xun with some surprise, he didn’t expect that the other party could tell that this was hysteria and that he was possessed by a ghost.

Zheng Xun fumbled around on his body and quickly pulled out a fine little wooden box, and when he opened it, a thumb-sized, black, unpleasant pill was placed inside.

When Zhou Zhiqian saw the pill, his eyes lit up because he looked too familiar with it, and the small wooden box containing the pill was obviously the one he had sent someone to work on, specifically to package the Small Returning Pill, and the black pill Zheng Xun was holding was the Small Returning Pill.

Chen Ping also smiled when he saw that Zheng Xun pulled out the Little Returning Pill from his arms, but he didn’t say anything.

“Dean Zheng, what is this thing?”

Shen Wanfu asked, puzzled.

The other Shen family members also came up and looked carefully at the pill in Zheng Xun’s hand.

Seeing the curious look of the crowd, Zheng Xun said with a proud face, “This pill is called Xiao Hui Dan, it has the effect of waking up the brain and strengthening the body, it is a miracle pill, I have spent millions and dragged my connections to get it from the customs, and only got this one. Guarantee that the Shen family master’s mind can be restored ……”

Zheng Xun spoke with great confidence, while those Shen family members listened in awe!

The pills were sold by his hands, and the boxes were designed and made by him, but he had never bought them for several million dollars!

Especially in front of Chen Ping, when Zheng Xun said so, was he not falsely accusing Zhou Zhiqian of taking black money?

The price was set, and the amount of money they would give to Chen Ping was also set. If this elixir sold for several million and Chen Ping was given such a small share, would Chen Ping be happy with that?