Phoenix Among Men Chapter 655

Zhou Zhiqian’s forehead broke out in cold sweat and he hurriedly looked at Chen Ping, wanting to explain after him, but he was stopped by Chen Ping’s eyes. Chen Ping believed that Zhou Zhiqian did not dare to eat black money, it was all just that Zheng Xun’s bragging and nonsense.

The small rejuvenating pills that Chen Ping himself did not even know could cure hysteria were pure nonsense. Although the small rejuvenating pills could wake up the brain and strengthen the body, they did not have the power to force out the dirty things in a person’s body.

Only Chen Ping did not break down that Zheng Xun on the spot, he had to continue to wait and wait to see that Zheng Xun’s joke, when the Shen family saw that Zheng Xun was useless, they would naturally beg to themselves.

“Dean Zheng, the money for this elixir, our Shen family will pay for it, we will never let Dean Zheng suffer ……”

Shen Wanfu understood Zheng Xun’s meaning, so he hurriedly said.

“Second head of the Shen family is polite, I don’t mean that, a mere few million, I don’t even put it in my eyes ……”

Zheng Xun waved his hand with a smile, and then gave Shen Lang the Small Returning Pill, “Go and take it to your father, I believe your father will soon be well ……”

Shen Lang thanked him repeatedly, carefully took the small rejuvenating pills and hurriedly ran towards the backyard.

Everyone in the Shen family waited with anxious hearts, hoping that the Little Elixir would really work.

About ten minutes later, Shen Lang came running back with a happy face.

“Long’er, how is your father doing?”

Shen Lang’s mother asked.

“Mom, Dean Zheng’s Xiao Hui Dan really works, after my dad took it, he actually stopped arguing and even called out my name, he knows me ……”

Shen Lang said with an excited face.

“Really? That’s great, I’m going to go see him ……”

Shen Lang’s mother said and was about to run towards the backyard.

“Mom, my dad was only awake for a while before he collapsed and fell asleep, it’s useless for you to go over there ……”

Shen Lang stopped his mother.

“Dean Zheng, my big brother fell asleep again, what’s going on?”

Shen Wanfu asked, puzzled.

“Lord Shen’s mind is damaged and his body is being controlled, he has been overworked, now that he is suddenly awake, he must be very tired, so it is normal to fall asleep ……”

Zheng Xun explained.

When the Shen family members heard this, they felt that Zheng Xun had a point and all nodded their heads, treating Zheng Xun that much more respectfully.

“Second head of the Shen family, I have cured your brother’s illness, is it time to show me that ten thousand year old ginseng king next?”

Zheng Xun asked to Shen Wanfu.

Shen Wanfu opened his mouth, but when he saw that Zhou Zhiqian and Chen Ping would only be there, Shen Wanfu shut his mouth and hesitated for a moment before looking at Zhou Zhiqian and said, “Elder brother Zhou, you have come back from Guannai to my Shen family, we should have done our best to treat you to a meal, but today is not convenient, I hope that elder brother Zhou will take your people away, and I will definitely personally I will personally invite you to dinner some day ……”

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a man who has been in the business for a long time.

The fact that Shen Wanfu’s words made Zhou Zhiqian look bad, but he couldn’t say anything, after all, Shen Wanfu said politely, he couldn’t just stay here and not leave, right?

The helpless Zhou Zhiqian could only look at Chen Ping and wanted to know what Chen Ping thought.

“Do you really think your brother has gotten better?”

Chen Ping asked as he looked at Shen Wanfu.

“Ah, what’s wrong? What did my nephew say just now, didn’t you hear? My elder brother has recognized him, and now he is merely sleeping ……”

Shen Wanfu was convinced, after all, Zheng Xun’s identity was there!

“Humph!” Chen Ping coldly snorted, “Xiao Hui Dan is able to wake up the brain and name, but it is only a tonic, not a cure, let alone a cure for hysteria, not to mention when was this Xiao Hui Dan worth millions, how come I don’t know?”