Phoenix Among Men Chapter 656

“Young man, you’re doubting me about this Little Returning Pill?”

Hearing Chen Ping’s words, that Zheng Xun was not happy, wasn’t this an explicit statement that he had misrepresented the price!

Seeing that Zheng Xun was unhappy, the Shen family all hurried to accuse Chen Ping.

“What the hell do you know? President Zheng has been practicing medicine for many years, how can he not know whether the Little Returning Pill can cure diseases?”

“That’s right, this Little Elixir was bought by a friend of President Zheng, how much did it cost, he still doesn’t know!”

“You brat stop talking nonsense here, making it seem like you made the Small Returning Pill ……”

The Shen family’s people were saying one thing after another, and no one was looking at Zhou Zhiqian’s face.

“Kid, you don’t rely on the fact that you were invited by big brother Zhou, our Shen family has to respect you, no matter what kind of divine doctor you are in Guanai, when you come here, you are not qualified to question President Zheng ……”

Shen Wanfu said with great boredom, if not for the face of Zhou Zhiqian, he would have driven Chen Ping away, a hairless little kid, in front of Zheng Xun, what blowing!

But in the face of the people’s cold words, Chen Ping was not angry, he had come for the 10,000 year old ginseng king, how could Chen Ping leave without seeing the 10,000 year old ginseng king.

“You’re right, that Little Returning Pill is still really made by me ……”

Chen Ping’s words instantly made everyone stare!

Immediately afterwards, they all broke out into harrumphing laughter, all looking at Chen Ping mockingly.

That Zheng Xun even looked contemptuous: “At such a young age, how dare you brag about such bullsh*t? I’ve heard that this Small Returning Pill was refined by a master alchemist in Guan’an, and this master is obviously well-versed in medical science, so how could it be a little kid like you? I’m afraid you don’t even know the ingredients in the Small Returning Pill, do you?”

“I can testify that the Xiao Yang Dan was indeed refined by Mr. Chen, and this packaging of Xiao Yang Dan is what I am selling, in the bottom right corner of the packaging, it also has the name of our Renhe Hall printed on it ……”

Zhou Zhiqian couldn’t bear to look at it anymore and came straight to testify that the Xiao Yang Dan was refined by Chen Ping.

Hearing Zhou Zhiqian say so, Shen Wanfu hurriedly took the exquisite box, and indeed, in the bottom right corner, he saw the three words Renhe Tang.

All of Shen’s family knew that Zhou Zhiqian was in the herbal medicine business in Yuncheng and had opened a Renhe Hall, but they did not know that this Little Returning Pill was being sold by Zhou Zhiqian.

“Brother Zhou, although it is true that Renhe Tang is printed here, but as far as I know, there are quite a few pharmacies called Renhe Tang in Guan’an ……”

Shen Wanfu still had some disbelief that Zhou Zhiqian’s Renhe Hall, had the ability to sell millions of pills a piece, knowing that it required a very thick financial strength to do so.

“Although there are quite a few Renhe Halls, but there is only one of me in Yuncheng, ask President Zheng if this Little Return Pill is bought from Yuncheng, won’t you know ……”

Zhou Zhiqian said with a faint smile.

Shen Wanfu looked at Zheng Xun, but at this time Zheng Xun’s face carried a few moments of surprise and was looking at Zhou Zhiqian: “Are you Boss Zhou Zhiqian Zhou?”

Zhou Zhiqian nodded, “Not bad, I am Zhou Zhiqian ……”

Zheng Xun was overjoyed and hurriedly went forward to shake Zhou Zhiqian’s hand, “Boss Zhou, I really didn’t expect that we could meet here, I just heard my friend talk about you, you are also from the northeast, but I have never met you. Many people want to buy it, but they just don’t have access to it…”

The Small Returning Pill was indeed in high demand, after all, Chen Ping had only a limited number of them to refine, although the herbs used to refine the Small Returning Pill were all ordinary herbs, only that Chen Ping did not have the time to refine the Small Returning Pill all day, nor could he waste too much of his spiritual energy just to refine the Small Returning Pill.

“Dean Zheng, there is something I wish to make clear today, my highest selling price for this Small Returning Pill is not even more than a million, when has it ever been sold for millions?”

The reason why Zhou Zhiqian pursued Zheng Xun was that he wanted him to make it clear in front of Chen Ping, he could not let Chen Ping misunderstand him.