Phoenix Among Men Chapter 673

“Your strength is not bad either, but you are not worthy to fight me yet ……”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile.

“Is that so? Then let’s try ……”

The young man violently leapt up high, followed by endless palm winds towards Chen Ping’s head, Chen Ping’s whole body was instantly enveloped by the palm winds, there was no way to dodge.

“Seeking death ……”

Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly as a killing aura erupted from his body.

They had only met each other in pa*sing, they didn’t know each other at all, and they had no grudge, but Chen Ping didn’t expect this young man to really come down with a killer.

Not far away, the old man watched quietly, with no expression on his face and no intention to stop him at all.

Seeing that the young man’s palm was about to slap the top of Chen Ping’s head, Chen Ping shouted angrily and slammed his fist towards the sky, the terrifying spiritual power spurted out, directly knocking the young man out.

Stomp stomp stomp …………

After retreating several steps in a row, the young man’s face was incomparably pale, his internal organs tossed about, and a mouthful of blood was pressed deadly into his throat.

“Now it’s my turn ……”

Chen Ping gritted his teeth and slammed a fist viciously towards the young man.

The wind of the fist whistled, and the ground was scraped out of a deep gully. When the young man saw this, he was shocked, and with a flick of his right hand, a bronze sword appeared in the young man’s hand.

The bronze sword began to fly in the young man’s hand, drawing a sword flower in mid-air, and these sword flowers struck the fist wind, emitting the sound of steel colliding, and flames shot out in all directions!

Stab …………

A tearing sound, the young man’s body backed up rapidly, only to see that young man’s chest, a half-meter-long wound appeared, clothes are cut, blood flowed out.

Looking at the wound on his chest, the young man’s eyes turned crimson, and bloodthirsty aura burst out from his body.

“I’m going to kill you ……”

The young man hissed from inside his throat as the bronze sword in his hand began to gas a scarlet aura, a horrifying and bloody killing aura that spread out towards Chen Ping.

“Like a shadow …………”

The young man’s figure instantly became indistinct, appearing in front of Chen Ping as if many figures had suddenly appeared.

The bronze swords also seemed to turn into countless, all sheathing their blades and stabbing towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping frowned slightly as he looked at the countless phantoms around him.

But just as Chen Ping was frowning, countless sword qi was already coming at him!

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly ran his Heart Condensation Technique, allowing his spiritual energy to protect his whole body, but unfortunately, he was still a step too late, and a sword qi had already struck Chen Ping’s body.

Ding Ding Ding …………

After a burst of sound, the clothes on Chen Ping’s body had become torn and tattered, barely able to cover the sensitive parts.

However, Chen Ping’s body surprisingly did not have any wounds at all, and his bronze skin still had a faint luster under the moonlight.

“This …………”

The young man, holding the bronze sword, froze in his tracks for a moment.

Even the old man, who was not far away, had his eyes wide open and his face full of shock.

Chen Ping himself was frozen, looking at his unharmed body, Chen Ping did not expect that his fleshly body had become this strong.

He had to know that just now he hadn’t even had the time to use his spiritual power to protect his body, this was simply using his strong body to resist the countless sword qi hard.

“I said, you are not worthy to fight with me ……”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth raised, and towards the dumbfounded young man, he slammed his fist over.

The young man seemed to have forgotten about the danger at this moment and was still standing motionless, at this moment he couldn’t understand how he couldn’t even hurt Chen Ping’s skin with the blow he had strived for.

When he saw that Chen Ping’s punch was about to hit the young man, the old man not far away moved: “All right, there is no hatred, why do we have to fight to the death?”

The old man waved his hand, and Chen Ping only felt a surge of power hit him, directly sending his body flying out.