Phoenix Among Men Chapter 674

And the old man put a hand on the young man’s shoulder, “Yu Dong, now you should do some soul-searching, I told you not to be so flamboyant, but you didn’t listen, you’ve hit a wall today, haven’t you?”

Yu Dong blushed and lowered his head in slight embarra*sment.

Only after Chen Ping had retreated a dozen metres in a row did he stabilise himself, and then narrowed his eyes as he looked at the old man in front of him.

He knew that he was no match for this old man, after all, Chen Ping could not even withstand the easy wave of his hand.

“Are you guys planning to do this with both of you?”

Although Chen Ping knew he was no match, he did not flinch.

“Young man, you misunderstand, how could I possibly bully the small with the big and lean on the strong to bully the weak, wouldn’t that ruin the reputation of our Pill God Valley!” The old man hurriedly explained: “I am the Pill God Valley Grand Elder Xu Changsheng, this is our valley disciple Yu Dong, the two of us also came over unintentionally, not to rob the pills in your hands, I also hope you do not misunderstand, do not know your name, when there is an opportunity I am looking for you to properly discuss the art of alchemy …… ”

Seeing that Xu Changsheng was kind of sincere, Chen Ping spoke, “My name is Chen Ping, although I also know how to make pills, but this pill is not made by me ……”

Chen Ping wasn’t lying, after all, with his strength, he couldn’t refine a pill like the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

“Oh, I was wondering, with your current age, how could you possibly refine an earth rank elixir, so you didn’t refine it ……”

Xu Changsheng nodded in a daze of realization, but soon froze before looking at Chen Ping incredulously, “What did you …… say your name was?”

“My name is Chen Ping ah?” Chen Ping was astonished, not understanding why this Xu Changsheng cared so much about his name.

“Chen Ping? Is that the same Chen Ping who is following that Qin Xiaolin in the duel tomorrow?”

Yu Dong, who was at the side, also asked in surprise.

Chen Ping nodded, “Not bad, it’s me ……”

“Hahahaha, indeed a hero is a young man, I didn’t expect this Chen Ping to be so young, dissatisfied with you, the two of us came to Hongcheng this time precisely to witness this duel, I was wondering what kind of person this Chen Ping who dared to accept Qin Xiaolin’s challenge was, but I didn’t expect to run into it now.”

Xu Changsheng laughed and looked at Chen Ping with some admiration.

On the other hand, Yu Dong on the side snorted coldly, “Qin Xiaolin has now reached the realm of Martial Sect, with this ability of yours, I am afraid that you will be slapped to death in one slap, and you still dare to accept the challenge, how ignorant and fearless ……”

Yu Dong had just lost to Chen Ping and was still somewhat unconvinced in his heart.

“How do you know that’s all I’m capable of? Against you, I only used a third of my strength ……”

Chen Ping looked at Yu Dong like that and said with the corner of his mouth raised.

“You …………” Yu Dong was furious and instantly burst into flames, “Don’t talk tough, I’ll see how you die tomorrow ……”

“How I die is not for you to worry about, now this is my place, please leave ……”

Chen Ping put on a cold face and said.

“Young man, how about we make a deal?”

Xu Changsheng didn’t pay any attention to Chen Ping’s expulsion, but asked still facing a smile.

“What kind of deal?” Chen Ping asked as he shot a glance at Xu Changsheng.

“I save your life and you send me a pill ……”

Xu Changsheng said.

It seemed that this Xu Changsheng was still thinking about the Marrow Cleansing Pill in Chen Ping’s hand.

“You saved my life?” Chen Ping was at a loss, not understanding why Xu Changsheng said that.

“You will definitely lose the duel tomorrow when you follow Qin Xiaolin, and if you kill his son, think of him sparing you in the ring? But I can save you, if I strike, I can beat that Qin Xiaolin away in a minute, isn’t that saving your life?”

Xu Changsheng explained.