Phoenix Among Men Chapter 675

When Chen Ping heard that, he sneered, “Are you that sure that I will definitely lose?”

“Sure, you will definitely lose, that Qin Xiaolin is a Martial Sect, although he has just stepped into Martial Sect, his strength is still unstable, but it is enough to deal with you, I can see that you are only at the fifth grade of Grand Master, how can you possibly beat a Martial Sect, although at your age, to reach this realm is considered a miracle talent, but the gap in strength is insurmountable, you still have a great future ahead of you, you can consider what I have to say.”

Xu Changsheng was lobbying Chen Ping, he hoped that Chen Ping would say yes, after all, an earth rank pills, even in their Pill God Valley, was not common.

Most of all, he wanted to know who the person who had refined this Earth-rank elixir was, what relationship he had followed Chen Ping, and why he had given such a precious elixir to Chen Ping.

“That may disappoint you, I for one can die in the ring and don’t want anyone to help me, if there is nothing else, you can go now ……”

Although Chen Ping was not sure which realm of martial artists his current strength at the Pioneer stage could correspond to, it would never just be something like the fifth rank of Grand Master, as he could now easily kill two martial artists below the fifth rank of Grand Master.

Xu Changsheng looked at Chen Ping and sighed after a moment, “You can think about what I said, even if you get to the top of the ring, you can still look for me, I am right below the ring, I just don’t want a wonder talent, to fall like this ……”

After Xu Changsheng said that, he turned around and left, while that Yu Dong gave Chen Ping a look, “Hmph, arrogant as hell, you’ll be begging us tomorrow ……”

After Xu Changsheng and the others left, Chen Ping turned around and went back to his room, not taking Xu Changsheng’s words to heart, even if he was really no match for that Qin Xiaolin, it would not be that Xu Changsheng’s turn to save him, because Chen Ping knew that Long Wu was watching from below the ring, and he would come to his rescue.

Early the next morning!

Hongcheng, a small third-tier city, was having his highlight moment at the moment, with countless luxury cars converging here and even helicopters hovering in the sky.

These were all people from the martial arts world who had come to see Qin Xiaolin and Chen Ping duel. Through these luxury cars and helicopters, it could be seen that there were really a lot of rich people in the martial arts world, after all, even in the martial arts world, it required a lot of financial support in order to make a sudden advance in strength.

Outside the stadium, Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu had surrounded the stadium with their men, so that ordinary people could not enter except for those from the martial arts world.

After all, when two great masters dueled, even if they were a hundred metres apart, ordinary people would not be able to withstand the aftershocks of that attack, and only masters of the clan or above could enter.

Wu Liuyi, on the other hand, had brought his men from Jiangbei Province to help Red Phoenix maintain order at the scene, as well as Sun Simiao from the Pill King’s Mansion, all of whom were now friends with Chen Ping, so of course they had to come for such an important matter.

At this moment, outside Chen Ping’s Pan Long Bay villa, Zhao Wuji, Gu Wentian, and the Bai family were all waiting outside, as Chen Ping was still sleeping and hadn’t woken up yet, so no one dared to disturb.

“Mr. Chen really has it all figured out, such an important matter and he can still sleep soundly and sweetly.”

Bai Xiushan couldn’t help but sigh at the fact that Chen Ping was still sleeping.

“Grandpa, that Qin Xiaolin is already at the Martial Sect realm, Mr. Chen he …………”

Bai Zhantang asked in a small voice as he stepped aside.

Although he knew that Chen Ping was an immortal cultivator, Qin Xiaolin was too strong and Chen Ping had only been cultivating for a short time after all, so Bai Zhan Tang was a little worried.

“Don’t worry, I have confidence in Mr. Chen ……”

Bai Xiushan said with a calm face.