Phoenix Among Men Chapter 695

What’s more, Su Yuqi also hopes to follow Gu Ling’er to take care of Chen Ping together, after all, the two are familiar together and can also be a companion when Chen Ping is not around.

Gu Ling’er stayed in the toilet for an hour before coming out, seeing the Gu Ling’er who walked out, Su Yuqi’s mouth opened wide in surprise: “Ling’er, you …… you have also changed a lot, quickly look at yourself …… ”

Once Gu Ling’er heard, hurriedly ran to the mirror, looking at their own white and tender skin, Gu Ling’er excited bad.

Chen Ping also unconsciously looked at Gu Ling’er, ate the marrow cleansing pills Gu Ling’er, a different flavor.

The two people are completely different in temperament.

The two of them are completely different. Su Yuqi is the kind of girl who is a lady, while Gu Ling’er is the kind of person who is soft in the middle of rigid, after all, she has spent time in the Guardian Pavilion before.

Looking at Gu Ling’er and Su Yuqi in front of him, Chen Ping couldn’t help but think about them.

If both of them were to follow him, wouldn’t it be a man’s dream to embrace the right and the left when he slept at night?

Unknowingly, Chen Ping giggled, not even noticing when Gu Ling’er and Su Yuqi walked in front of him.

Looking at Chen Ping’s giggle, Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er glanced at each other and then shouted at the same time.

This startled Chen Ping and when he found that Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er were looking at him with strange eyes, Chen Ping hurriedly turned around and sat back down on the sofa.

“Chen Ping, what were you looking at the two of us and giggling about?”

Gu Ling’er asked as she turned to Chen Ping.

“Nope, not laughing at anything ……,” Chen Ping said awkwardly.

“I guess he must have been thinking that if the two of us could keep him company at night, it would make him beautiful, that’s why he was giggling ……”

Su Yuqi hit the nail on the head, speaking directly to Chen Ping’s heart.

“Don’t you talk nonsense, I don’t think that way!” Chen Ping hurriedly got up and walked towards the outside of the villa, “You two eat tonight, I’m going to run some errands ……”

Chen Ping didn’t dare to stay at home anymore, it was possible that he was really trapped by these two girls.

After all, in Hongcheng, although there were many people that Chen Ping could ask out, there were not many that he could drink with.

Soon, Chen Ping followed Lin Tianhu and met him at the bar, which was also the property of Ju Yi Tang. When Lin Tianhu and Chen Ping walked into the bar, the bar staff all greeted each other.

“Mr. Chen, you just followed that Qin Xiaolin in a vicious battle, why don’t you rest earlier and still have time to come out for a drink ……”

Lin Tianhu personally took a bottle of red wine and poured a gla*s for Chen Ping.

” Two women at home, really difficult to deal with, come out to clean up ……”

Chen Ping smiled helplessly and drank the red wine in one go.

“Mr. Chen’s life is the envy of many men ……” Lin Tianhu also picked up the red wine and drank it down.

“How are you and Red Phoenix doing?” Chen Ping asked to Lin Tianhu.

“Just like that, after all, at our age, we are just looking for a companion, but it is lucky for both of us to be under Mr. Chen’s hand ……”

Lin Tianhu had always been grateful to Chen Ping, after all, it was all thanks to Chen Ping that he was now able to reach Zongshi, otherwise he was afraid that he would not be able to train as a Zongshi for the rest of his life.

“Since we know that we are not too young, we should hurry up and have a child, at the very least, we should leave ourselves an afterlife as well, after all, for a martial artist, having a child at the age of around forty is not too big ……”

Chen Ping knew that it was common for people who had cultivated above Grand Master to be a decade or so older than ordinary people, and it was normal for many Grand Masters to live to be a hundred years old, after all, the physical qualities of martial artists were much stronger than ordinary people.

“I don’t think about having children, it’s too much trouble …………”

Lin Tianhu laughed, after sitting as the underground emperor of Hongcheng for half of his life, Lin Tianhu had never thought of having a child himself.

When Chen Ping saw this, he only smiled faintly, after all, whether they wanted a child or not, was people’s freedom, Chen Ping could not force it!