Phoenix Among Men Chapter 696

As Chen Ping followed Lin Tianhu and drank, the music in the bar played and he watched the crowd that kept writhing and going crazy, Chen Ping had a surprisingly relaxed moment.

Since his release from prison, Chen Ping had almost rarely had such a relaxed moment.

“Mr. Chen, you are so good with women ……”

Suddenly, Lin Tianhu let out a bad laugh and said.

Chen Ping was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Lin Tianhu did not say anything, but made a wink, and Chen Ping hurriedly followed where Lin Tianhu made his wink and found a girl, wearing a tight black dress, looking at Chen Ping with unblinking eyes.

The girl had a bit of coldness on her face, appearing at odds with the rampantly writhing crowd around her!

“Did she not leave?”

After seeing the girl, Chen Ping’s face was filled with confusion.

Lin Tianhu smiled, “Mr. Chen, I’ll leave first, but you shouldn’t go back too late, after all, there are still two women at home ……”

Lin Tianhu got up and left, while Chen Ping walked up to the girl with a gla*s of red wine and sat down directly on his butt.

“Why didn’t you leave? Did you stay with me on purpose?”

Chen Ping inquired, puzzled.

Chen Ping’s words made the girl stare, followed by a smile, two rows of white teeth were exposed, just this smile was almost captivating, causing Chen Ping’s heart to swell.

“Is this the way you pick up girls?”

The girl asked.

“Pick up who? Pick up you?” Chen Ping froze, then the corners of his mouth lifted, “Pull back, I still want to live two more years, I wouldn’t dare to pick you up ……”

Chen Ping said, stood up: “You also do not use charm on me, I do not eat that!”

Chen Ping walked straight out towards the outside of the bar, while the girl, with a shock in her eyes, also hurriedly followed.

Chen Ping walked in front while the girl followed behind.

“What are you doing following me? Don’t try to stay at my house, my girlfriend is at home ……”

Chen Ping said nonchalantly.

“Are you a big man, do you have the good sense to look at me as a girl on the street? Or else the two of us will go get a room ……”

The girl had a sultry face, pouting towards Chen Ping, and there was a faint fragrance on her body that puffed into Chen Ping’s nose.

Smelling the girl’s fragrance, looking at the girl’s shy appearance, Chen Ping’s eyes were glowing, and his whole body was like he was possessed.

Seeing Chen Ping’s look, the corners of the girl’s mouth lifted, and her eyes were filled with smugness and disdain.

But just as Chen Ping walked up to the girl in a mute manner and the girl wanted to take Chen Ping away, who knew that Chen Ping’s eyes instantly regained their clarity before he slapped the girl on the head, “Wu Mei’er, I’ve already said that your charm technique is useless to me, if Uncle Long knew that you still use charm techniques on me, he would definitely scold you… …”

After hitting the girl on the head, Chen Ping turned around with a smug look on his face and prepared to leave.

“Wu Mei’er, who is Wu Mei’er?”

The girl suddenly said with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Chen Ping was stunned and turned around to look at the girl, “You are Wu Mei’er, why are you pretending with me? Don’t say you’ve lost your memory, I don’t believe your nonsense ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

But just as Chen Ping was lamenting, the girl’s silhouette flashed and a cold light came out of her hand and flew towards Chen Ping.

At the same time, the girl’s figure moved rapidly and with a swift stance, she thrust the dagger in her hand straight into Chen Ping’s face!

The girl did not show the slightest bit of mercy.

“Go to hell!!!”

The girl’s eyes were so cold that she could almost foresee Chen Ping’s blood splattering on the spot!

Chen Ping’s jaw dropped in shock as he watched this scene, “Are you f*cking crazy?”

As the words fell, the spiritual energy within his body was wildly outputted, and an aura exploded out abruptly.

With a flick of his right hand, a silver needle flew out violently, clinking against the dagger on the opposite side of the room in the darkness, sending out a burst of sparks.