Phoenix Among Men Chapter 703

After all, the poisonous wasp would have died with it after shooting its own poison needles, and would have to be re-cultivated.

“Uncle Long, that Xiaolan most likely has something to do with following the Miao Village, after she can charm, she can also emit poisonous qi, fortunately my current Concentration Skill is able to absorb and refine everything, so I’m not afraid of poisonous qi ……”

Chen Ping said to Long Wu.

“Let’s go, let’s go ask and see what exactly is the origin of this Xiaolan ……”

Long Wu also felt the need to find out Wu Mei’er’s origins, and this was an opportunity to do so.

When Chen Ping and Long Wu walked into the room, they found Wu Mei’er sitting with Xiao Lan after her, the two were actually talking and laughing, they didn’t look a bit strange, it was like they had known each other for many years.

When she saw Chen Ping and Long Wu enter, Xiao Lan immediately put away her smile and kept her mouth shut.

“What’s your connection with following Miao Zhai?”

As soon as he entered, Long Wu asked at Xiaolan.

Seeing Long Wu ask about the Miao Village, Xiao Lan closed her mouth and didn’t say anything.

Wu Mei’er, however, spoke up at this time, “Sister, this is Uncle Long, I was adopted by him when I was young, he is very nice, just tell him ……”

When Wu Mei’er requested this, Xiao Lan looked at Wu Mei’er, and then spoke, “That Miao King of the Miao Village is my righteous father, I grew up in the Miao Village.”

Xiao Lan’s words startled Long Wu, if Wu Mei’er was really a twin following Xiao Lan, and both of their parents had died from the Miao Village’s bee poison, then how could the Miao Village’s people adopt Xiao Lan?

“So you are sent by the Miao King, see that the Miao King is trying to mention his own righteous son to take revenge ……”

As soon as Chen Ping heard that Xiaolan was sent by the Miao King, he immediately understood, after all, he had killed Qian Feng, the Miao King’s righteous son, and had also destroyed the Xuan Yue Valley that the Miao Walled City had managed to run outside, it made sense that the Miao King would find someone to deal with him.

Xiao Lan looked up at Chen Ping and revealed a cold smile, “There are dozens of righteous sons outside, what can one Qian Feng be? …”

“If it’s not for that Qian Feng to take revenge, then why did he still send you to deal with me?”

Chen Ping asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“This is a secret of the Miao Village, I won’t tell you ……”

Xiaolan said with a firm face, looking like she would not tell even if Chen Ping did.

“Mei’er, do you know how your parents died?”

At this time, Long Wu asked to Wu Mei’er.

Wu Mei’er was startled, “Uncle Long, didn’t you say that I was an orphan picked up by the roadside? Have you ever met my parents?”

Because Long Wu had never mentioned his parents after Wu Mei’er.

Long Wu shook his head, “I have never met them, but Ding Bu San met your parents when he picked you up, and it was your parents who begged Ding Bu San to take you away, while your parents were poisoned by the bee poison of the Miao village and died from the poison, and Ding Bu San also buried your parents …… ”

Hearing Long Wu say that her parents had actually been poisoned by the Miao Village’s bee poison and died, Wu Mei’er could not help but look at Xiao Lan.

And Xiaolan was also shocked and hurriedly got up and said, “Impossible, the Miao Village’s poisonous bees can only be driven by the Miao King, and the Miao King will not use the poisonous bees easily, so how could our parents have been poisoned by the Miao Village’s bees? If it was really the Miao King who killed our parents, then why did he raise me so big?”

Xiaolan was already convinced that she and Wu Mei’er were sisters, so of course Wu Mei’er’s parents were also her own parents.

But she couldn’t believe at all that her parents could have died from the Miao’s bee poison.