Phoenix Among Men Chapter 712

“Miao King, Miss Xiaolan and that boy will be at the Miao Village soon, and that boy is so enchanted by Miss Xiaolan that he is following her around like a hobgoblin.”

A member of the Miao Village followed the Miao King and reported.

“Hmm!” The Miao King nodded his head in satisfaction.

After that Miao Zhai member left, five people also walked into the Miao King’s hall.

These five people were none other than the five great heads of the Miao Cottage.

“Have you all prepared the materials for training the corpse king that you were told to prepare?”

The Miao King asked to the five Great Li-heads.

The Great Head nodded, “Miao King, they are all ready, only that I am afraid that this kid is invulnerable to all poisons, when the time comes those poisons will have no effect on him ……”

“Don’t worry, now that kid Chen Ping has been charmed by Xiaolan, he will do whatever Xiaolan tells him to do, I have already prepared the scattering powder, as long as I let that Chen Ping eat it, his power will immediately collapse, without his energy, how can he resist those poisons?”

King Miao said with a faint smile.

“King Miao, if that Chen Ping eats the powder that disperses his power and cannot survive for more than seven days before he dies, then what can be done?”

The Dali head asked with some surprise.

Who could stay inside a room full of poison for seven days if there was no more gong power?

“No, that Chen Ping’s body has been strong to the point of being extraordinary, the reason I took him to train the Corpse King was because of his dominating body ……”

King Miao had the idea of training Chen Ping as a Corpse King because he had watched the video of Chen Ping’s fights following Qin Xiaolin.

Seeing that King Miao said so, none of the five great heads of reason were saying anything.


In the dense mountain forest, penetrated by a little light of the moon, Chen Ping and Xiaolan walked quickly on the mountain path.

The two were very close at the moment, and Xiaolan smelled that manly scent on Chen Ping’s body, and somehow her heart picked up its beat.

“Not there yet?”

Chen Ping glanced at the dark path and frowned slightly.

He did not expect this Miao cottage to be so far away, hidden deep in the mountains.

“Almost there, there’s a valley ahead, that’s it ……”

Xiaolan pointed ahead and said.

Chen Ping had no choice but to follow Xiao Lan and continue walking forward.

It was until midnight that the two of them arrived at the Miao Village, at the entrance of the Miao Village, there were quite a few people guarding the entrance, after the guards saw Xiaolan, they immediately opened the door, “Miss Xiaolan, you have finally arrived, the Miao King is still waiting for you ……”

Xiao Lan was slightly stunned, she didn’t expect the Miao King to still be waiting for her at this late hour, did he want to lock Chen Ping inside the room overnight to practice the Corpse King?

“Mm, I know!” Xiaolan nodded, and then led Chen Ping into the Miao Cottage.

The guards of the Miao fortress looked at Chen Ping holding Xiaolan’s arm with a greedy look, they were all envious.

Chen Ping followed Xiaolan into the Miao village and found that most of the buildings were made of wood. In the middle of the village was a two-storey building, which looked rather grand and imposing, and that was where the Miao King was.

As expected, Xiaolan led Chen Ping into the two-storey building, and in the hall on the ground floor, a man was sitting on the main seat, and although the man’s temples were already white, he could still make out the handsome outline of his face.

Below the main seat, five men were lined up at once, none other than the five great heads of the Miao Village, all of whom Chen Ping had met before.

But after entering inside, Chen Ping’s eyes did not look everywhere, but looked straight at Xiaolan, one hand clasping Xiaolan’s arm in a deadly grip, his eyes full of fire.

“Righteous father, I have brought this Chen Ping back ……”

Xiaolan said with an expressionless face as she followed King Miao.