Phoenix Among Men Chapter 713

King Miao surveyed Chen Ping beside Xiao Lan, looking at Chen Ping’s greedy face and hot eyes, he couldn’t help but snort coldly, “It’s really hard to imagine that this guy could kill this Martial Sect of Qin Xiaolin, to know that breaking through the Martial Sect realm is as difficult as ascending to heaven, that Qin Xiaolin has been in seclusion for several years, and had just easily broken through the Martial Sect, and then this kid killed him… …”

King Miao said as he walked in front of Chen Ping, who was very close to Chen Ping and Xiao Lan at this moment.

Seeing King Miao constantly sizing up Chen Ping, Xiaolan’s heart was in her throat, afraid that King Miao would see the flaw.

“Xiaolan, tell him to take off his top ……”

Suddenly, King Miao said to Xiaolan.

Xiaolan was stunned, “Yi-fu, what is this …… doing?”

Xiao Lan wondered, why did King Miao want Chen Ping to take off his clothes?

At this moment, although Chen Ping was still looking at Xiao Lan with a lecherous smile on his face, but his heart also thumped.

Could it be that this Miao King was a pervert?

What if he liked men?

Chen Ping didn’t like that!

At this moment, Chen Ping’s heart was beating a drum, and he was secretly calculating that if this Miao King really had such a perverted hobby, Chen Ping would just strike out and kill the Miao King first, as his own virgin body could not be ruined by a man.

The Miao King frowned slightly: “Do whatever you are told to do? Do you still need me to explain?”

Seeing that King Miao was angry, Xiaolan was so frightened that she did not dare to speak anymore, but looked at Chen Ping with a few helpless eyes and said, “Chen Ping, take off your top ……”

Chen Ping looked at Xiaolan hotly and smiled wickedly, “What do you want me to take off my clothes for? It’s not going to be a strenuous exercise in front of so many people, right? But under such circumstances again, it’s exciting to think about ……”

Chen Ping said as he took off his top, revealing the toned muscles on his body.

When Miao Wang looked at Chen Ping’s body, his eyes lit up with envy, and he even reached out and squeezed Chen Ping’s arm ……

This instantly gave Chen Ping goose bumps and immediately threw his hand away saying, “What are you doing? I don’t like men ……”

“Hahahaha, really is a strong body, my Miao Village domination of the southwest is just around the corner ……”

The Miao King laughed loudly, and after he finished laughing, he waved at Xiaolan: “Xiaolan, come here for a moment ……”

Xiaolan followed the Miao King two steps, and then the Miao King turned his back on Chen Ping, took out a packet of medicinal powder and handed it to Xiaolan, whispered to Xiaolan: “You give this powder to that Chen Ping and take it, at night you live together, never let him touch you, if you lose your innocence, you know the consequences …… ”

Xiaolan took the powder for dispersing kung fu and nodded, saying nothing.

She was eager to ask about her parents, but she knew that she could not ask the Miao King in such a straightforward manner, if her parents were really killed by the people of the Miao Village, if she asked in such a rash manner, not only would she not be able to ask anything, she might also be in danger.

“Well, all go and rest, it’s getting late ……”

King Miao waved his hand and turned to walk into his room!

The five councilors looked at the bare-chested Chen Ping, all with sneers on their faces, this is the so-called heroes have difficulty with beauty, no matter how capable Chen Ping was, he still fell into the hands of a woman.

After everyone had left, Xiaolan could only take Chen Ping back to his room.

As soon as he entered Xiaolan’s room, a fragrant smell hit his nose, and the room was very tidy inside.

Seeing Chen Ping’s gaze fall on her clothes, Xiaolan blushed and hurriedly gathered up all her intimate clothes.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a fondness for red underwear ……”

Chen Ping said as he looked at Xiaolan with a playful expression.

Xiaolan glared at Chen Ping, did not say anything, but took a bedding and threw it on the floor: “Tonight you will sleep on the floor, don’t give me any other ideas, if you dare to touch me, I will not spare you ……”