Phoenix Among Men Chapter 714

“Don’t worry, I am a decent man, I won’t take advantage of people’s danger, even if I want to sleep with you, I will make you willingly ……”

Chen Ping laughed and straightened up the bedding ready to lie down and take a nap.

“Bah, who willingly let you sleep ……”

Xiaolan gave Chen Ping a blank look before lying down on the bed herself and sleeping with her clothes.

She did not follow Chen Ping about the dispersing powder, and she could not possibly give Chen Ping the dispersing powder, eating the dispersing powder would cause a short time to lose all of his power, and he could only recover after twelve hours, so wouldn’t Chen Ping become a waste and be at the mercy of others ……

Lying on the bed, Xiaolan could not sleep for a long time, listening to Chen Ping’s snoring, she could only sit up: “What a big heart, soon to be refined into a corpse king, still able to sleep ……”

The first thing I did was to change into a tight-fitting suit, and then walk out of the room. Since she couldn’t ask the Miao King openly, she had to look it up secretly to see if she could find any clues related to her parents.

Just as Xiaolan walked out of the room, Chen Ping, who had been snoring, opened his eyes with a start and, with an imperceptible smile at the corner of his mouth, got up and followed him out.

Xiao Lan went straight to the two-storey building where the Miao King was located. Because she had lived here for twenty years, she was very familiar with the place, and even if there were patrols at the Miao Village, Xiao Lan easily dodged them.

She knew that the Miao King’s secret must be in his bedroom, because there was a strict order that no one could enter the Miao King’s room without his permission.

In the twenty years she had been at the Miao Village, she had never once entered the Miao King’s room, and she had never thought of going in, but now she had to sneak in in order to find clues about her parents.

She found that the Miao King’s room was decorated with red bedding and hung with coloured lights, just like a wedding room.

After twenty years in the Miao village, Xiaolan had never heard that the King had married a daughter-in-law, so how could his room be dressed up like this?

The room was newly decorated, so was the Miao King going to get married recently?

Xiao Lan was surprised, but didn’t think too much about it. After seeing that King Miao was already asleep, she directly tumbled into the room.

After seeing that King Miao was asleep, she went into the room and looked around.

The room was sparsely furnished, with only a wardrobe and a table, but next to the wardrobe, there was a huge safe. It was obvious that if King Miao had any secret things, he would definitely put them inside the box.

Looking at the huge safe, Xiao Lan was in a dilemma. Although she had all the kung fu skills, she did not have the ability to open the safe, so she could use her kung fu to break it open, but then King Miao would find out that someone had broken into his room.

Suddenly, a photograph on the table caught her attention and she picked it up and looked at it carefully in the moonlight from the window.

When she looked at the person on the photo, she was stunned. She could see that the man on the photo was King Miao when he was young, but the girl beside King Miao looked very familiar to her, and she looked very much like herself.

Although the photo was old and a little yellow, Lan was sure that the girl in the photo must be related to her because she looked so much alike.

Just as Xiaolan was looking at the photo, she didn’t expect King Miao on the bed to sit up: “Who is it?”

The angry shout from King Miao startled Xiaolan, who hastily put the photo into his pocket and jumped down from the stairs.