Phoenix Among Men Chapter 715

The Miao King chased him to the window, looked at Ran, who was no longer in sight, and then looked at the lost photo on the table, the corners of his mouth curled up in a smile.

“No need to rush, tomorrow night, you will know everything ……”

A sinister look appeared in King Miao’s eyes.

Just as King Miao turned around and continued to go back to bed, in a corner, a figure flashed, and this person was none other than Chen Ping.

Chen Ping looked at the window of King Miao’s bedroom and said with an icy expression on his face, “This old thing, it seems that Xiaolan’s parents are really related to him ……”

When Chen Ping rushed back to Xiaolan’s bedroom, Xiaolan had already returned, and when she saw Chen Ping coming back from outside, Xiaolan immediately asked cautiously, “What did you do?”

“I went to the toilet, I’m not allowed to go to the toilet even if I’m suffocating?” Chen Ping yawned, and then asked Xiaolan, “It’s you, what were you doing in your night clothes in the middle of the night?”

“Don’t you care ……”

Xiaolan took off her nightclothes and lay back on her bed, clutching the photo tightly in her hand, she planned to take the photo tomorrow to confront Miao Wang and ask who the girl on the photo really was.


The next morning, Xiaolan took Chen Ping to the place where King Miao lived, and at this moment there were already quite a few people standing inside the hall.

“You can pretend to lose all your power later, but don’t let anyone notice that you still have power ……”

Xiaolan barked at Chen Ping.

“Why?” Chen Ping asked.

“Don’t care so much, just listen to what I say ……”

Xiaolan glared at Chen Ping and said.

Chen Ping could only nod and followed Xiao Lan into the hall.

Because of the incident of sneaking into King Miao’s room last night, Xiaolan did not dare to look directly at King Miao, but that King Miao was as usual, as if nothing had happened last night.

The Miao Dynasty waved at Xiaolan, who walked quickly in front of King Miao, only keeping her head down and not daring to look up.

“Did you give that Chen Ping that scattering powder to eat?”

King Miao asked to Xiao Lan.

“Back to righteous father, it has been given to him, now he has lost all his power and is an ordinary person ……”

Xiaolan nodded.

“Well, very good, when you practice the corpse king, righteous father will not treat you badly ……”

The Miao King waved his hand in satisfaction and told Xiao Lan to retreat.

But at that moment, a member of the Miao Cottage hurriedly entered the hall and reported towards the Miao King, “Miao King, Duke Xia requests an audience ……”

As soon as the Miao King heard this, his entire body scuffed up from his seat, while the five council members sitting on either side of him also stood up with a nervous expression.

Xiaolan, who was originally ready to leave, also stopped in her tracks.

Seeing this tense look on the faces of the crowd, Chen Ping guessed that this Xia Gongzi must be a very powerful figure, or else he wouldn’t have caused Miao Wang to be so alarmed.

“Then how many people did Xia Chao bring with him?”

King Miao asked to his men.

“Back to the Miao King, only two attendants were brought, and Duke Xia said he was following the Miao King to talk about things, not seeking revenge ……”

Then the Miao Cottage member said.

The Miao King frowned slightly, “Talking about things? What matters can be discussed? Could there be a fraud here?”

“Miao King, that day the Tianwu Sect was poisoned to death by hundreds of our disciples at once, how could they not seek revenge, I think there must be a fraud here, we should gather everyone in the fortress now to prevent the Tianwu Sect from attacking ……”

Dali head said as he took a step forward.

“Miao King, since it is that Xia Chao who has come in person and only brought two attendants, I think there is no need for us to be afraid of him, what can we do if we let him in, if that Xia Chao plays a trick, we can still capture him so that we can blackmail the Tianwu Sect ……”

The second reason head also spoke up.

“Yes, Second Brother is right, they only came with three people, what’s the point of being afraid of him!”

“Let them in, what else can three people do to make waves ……”

A few other First Heads also supported letting that Xia Chao in.