Phoenix Among Men Chapter 716

Seeing this, the Miao King said to the Miao Cottage member who had reported, “Let Prince Xia in, and treat him with courtesy ……”

The Miao Cottage member left, while the Miao King followed a few of the great heads of the Li gathered together seemingly discussing something.

Chen Ping took the opportunity and asked Xiaolan with a puzzled look on his face, “What is this Heavenly Martial Gate? It looks like your Miao Village is very afraid of this Heavenly Martial Sect?”

Xiao Lan took a look at the Miao King and the others and did not notice them before she followed Chen Ping and explained, “The Tian Wu Sect is a clan that is located on the mountain to the south of our Miao Village, only a few dozen miles away from each other. The disciples of the Heavenly Martial Sect, there are more than a dozen Grand Masters alone, and their Sect Master has also broken through to Martial Sect, so the Miao Village has been suppressed over the years ……”

Saying that, Xiaolan looked at the Miao King again, and then continued, “This is also the reason why the Miao King wants to practice the Corpse King, as long as he practices the Corpse King, he won’t have to suffer the anger of the Tianwu Sect, some time ago because a group of disciples of the Tianwu Sect pa*sed through the Miao Village territory, and as a result, hundreds of people were bitten to death by the poison, so the Miao Village has been worried about the revenge of the Tianwu Sect yet… …”

“Isn’t your Miao Village good at using poison? Even if the Heavenly Martial Sect is strong, you can still use poison and poison them all to death ah ……”

Chen Ping said in a very puzzled manner.

Xiao Lan saw Chen Ping said lightly, helplessly smiled and said, “You say lightly, that day martial sect followed the Miao fortress for hundreds of years, would not know that the Miao fortress use poison, that day martial sect has long had the antidote to poison, even the Miao fortress most poisonous poisonous bees, also take that day martial sect people have no way …… ”

“If you can antidote the poison, how come you still poisoned hundreds of people to death?” Chen Ping just didn’t understand, since he could detoxify the poison, how could so many people die again.

“The ones who died from the poison were just disciples of the Heavenly Martial Sect, not the real disciples of the Heavenly Martial Sect, so the Heavenly Martial Sect would not have used the precious antidote to cure the poison for these disciples, and it was just the right excuse for the Heavenly Martial Sect to use to make a move against our Miao Village ……”

Xiaolan explained to Chen Ping.

After hearing this, Chen Ping couldn’t help but feel a pang of numbness in his head, so it seems that this Heavenly Martial Sect is not a good thing, is the life of the disciples not a life?

He knew that these were all disciples who believed in the Heavenly Martial Sect, and even so, the Heavenly Martial Sect did not even see death, let alone others.

At this moment, an eccentric teenager in his early twenties, dressed in long clothes and with long hair, walked in, this person was Xia Chao.

As soon as Chen Ping saw this Xia Chao, he could not help but also sigh for a moment, because this young man in front of him was indeed very handsome, just like a male protagonist coming out from inside an idol drama.

Behind Xia Chao were also two attendants, both of whom were surprisingly strong at Grand Master level, and this Xia Chao was just in his early twenties and was surprisingly also strong at Grand Master level, so it was clear that this talent was not ordinary strong.

“Mr. Xia, you are here, sorry to welcome you, sorry to welcome you ah ……”

After looking at all the young man, King Miao walked over quickly.

“King Miao, please don’t take offense if you take the liberty to disturb ……”

Xia Chao smiled faintly and arched his hand.

“Where where, Xia gongzi can come, is to give my Miao cottage a glow, quickly please sit ……”

The Miao King greeted Xia Chao warmly and sat down, and ordered someone to make tea as well.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the other side of the room and sweep it twice.

When King Miao saw that Xia Chao’s eyes were looking at Xiaolan, he couldn’t help but blush slightly and said, “Sir Xia, I don’t know what you want with your sudden visit?”

Xiaolan was his own, and King Miao would not allow other men to touch Xiaolan.

Xia Chao withdrew his gaze and said with a faint smile, “King Miao, our Heavenly Martial Sect has been fighting with the Miao Cottage for many years and have damaged each other, I wonder if King Miao would like the two families to make up and form an alliance?”