Phoenix Among Men Chapter 718

The Miao King opened the cap of the bottle, and indeed a sweet and mellow smell came to his nose, and he felt refreshed just by smelling that smell alone.

But just as the Miao King was about to take a sip, he was stopped by the head of the Dali: “Miao King, you must not drink it easily ……”

After all, the Miao Village followed the Heavenly Martial Sect is a long-standing feud, how could it be resolved in a couple of words, if this Xia Chao played a trick and the water was poisoned, then wouldn’t the Miao King be in danger.

“Haha, the Dali head is surprisingly so cautious, in the entire southwest, who can use poison better than your Miao Village, and whoever dares to poison in front of your Miao Village, that must be a fool ……”

Xia Chao said, and even took the mountain spring water back again, and drank a mouthful directly down himself to prove that there was nothing wrong with it.

“Stand down for me ……,” the Miao King scolded angrily at the Dali head.

Just now, Xia Chao’s words made the Miao King proud inside, who dares to down his belly in front of the Miao Cottage people, that is really living in impatience.

“Sir Xia, my men don’t know what to do, I hope you won’t take offense ……”

The Miao King said, taking the gla*s bottle directly into his hand and kept his neck to drink the whole bottle of water.

After that mountain spring water went down into his stomach, Miao Wang only felt refreshed and a warm current was constantly flowing in his own dantian.

“King Miao, how does it feel?”

Xia Chao said with a faint smile.

“Good, it is really good ……” Miao King was convinced of Xia Chao at this moment.

“Since King Miao feels that it is good, then I will bring more to King Miao when I have time, I believe that with this spring, King Miao’s breakthrough to the Martial Sect realm will be just around the corner ……”

Xia Chao said with a smile.

“Sir Xia, you have sent such a thick gift for my Miao Village, wouldn’t it seem too petty if our Miao Village didn’t return the gift, what do you want from my Miao Village, just say it ……”

The Miao King knew that the Heavenly Martial Sect would not be that kind, and must have plans for the Miao Village as well.

Xia Chao’s eyes looked at Xiaolan at the side, the corners of his mouth lifted and said, “Miao King, in fact, I have admired Miss Xiaolan since I saw her many years ago, now that the two of us have come of age, I hope that Miao King can betroth Miss Xiaolan to me, then our two families will become in-laws, this will also be beneficial to our two families’ alliance without any harm… …”

King Miao frowned slightly and raised his eyes to look at Xiaolan, he had long regarded Xiaolan as his woman, which he had worked hard to raise for twenty years.

Now that this Xia Chao wanted to marry Xiaolan away, King Miao’s heart was of course very reluctant.

But when he thought that with that mountain spring water, he would be able to break through to Martial Sect, King Miao finally gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I promise Sir Xia, I don’t know when Sir Xia plans to welcome the marriage?”

“Three days later ……” Xia Chao held out three fingers with a smug face.

“Righteous father, Xiaolan feels that she is still young, I want to stay with righteous father, I don’t want to get married ……”

When Xiaolan saw that King Miao had actually agreed to that Xia Chao, Xiaolan immediately poofed and knelt in front of King Miao.

Although that Xia Chao was also considered a talented man, but Xiaolan did not like him.

“This matter, is my decision, are you trying to disobey me?”

King Miao gave Xiao Lan a fierce glare and said.

“Xiaolan does not dare to ……”

Xiao Lan bit her lips and finally got up and retreated.

At this moment, Chen Ping surveyed that Xia Chao, and found that this guy actually carried a Yin Qi on his body, like he had practiced some evil cultivation secret arts, it looked like this guy welcomed Xiao Lan, he might have another plan ……

“Xiaolan is mine, who dares to marry her?” Chen Ping suddenly hugged Xiao Lan at this time, his eyes full of anger.

This sudden change of heart startled Xiaolan, and even that Xia Chao was also frozen for a moment.

He had only taken Chen Ping as an ordinary member of the Miao Village at first, but he did not expect Chen Ping to hug Xiaolan in full view of everyone, and to call Xiaolan his.