Phoenix Among Men Chapter 722

Xiaolan did not have the strength to resist and was breathing more and more sharply, her face turning flushed.

Looking at Xiao Lan lying on the bed, Miao Wang had a lecherous smile on his face, holding a bottle of wine in his hand and slowly drinking it.

“You look so much like your mother, you simply make me horny, later I will make you take the initiative to beg me and beg me to sleep with you ……”

King Miao was not in a hurry, he knew that the medicine had not taken full effect yet, when it did, Xiaolan would turn into a lustful girl and would cry out and beg him.

Xiaolan stared angrily at King Miao, her body was so hot and dry that Xiaolan’s mind was blurred for a while, her mouth felt dry, looking at King Miao in front of her, she actually felt the urge to pounce on him, she felt so empty and needed someone to fill her emptiness.

But Xiaolan fought with her last shred of sanity, her lips were bitten and bleeding, her body was trembling, one hand was clutching her collar in a death grip, she was hot, so hot that she wanted to strip herself naked, but that last shred of sanity kept her from doing so.

“You keep carrying it, I’ll see how long you can carry it ……”

The corners of Miao Wang’s mouth lifted and another large gulp of wine was poured into his stomach.

At this time, Chen Ping, who was in the secret room, slowly stood up and looked at the room full of poison corpses and smiled in satisfaction.

Although these poisonous creatures did not allow him to break through the realm, they did, however, allow him to fill up his Dantian with spiritual energy, nearing the edge of a breakthrough.

“I wonder how Xiao Lan is doing?”

Chen Ping had no idea of the time outside because he was in a secret room, nor did he know how long he had been locked up.

After lifting his foot and kicking open the iron door of the secret room, Chen Ping then realised that it was already dark outside.

Bypa*sing the guard post, Chen Ping went to Xiao Lan’s room, he had to follow Xiao Lan to say something, so as not to worry about Xiao Lan.

But after entering the room, Chen Ping then realised that Xiao Lan was not inside the room, it was empty.

“It’s so late, where can she go?”

Chen Ping frowned slightly, wondering where Xiao Lan had gone to at this late hour.

But soon, a cold aura flashed across Chen Ping’s eyes, and with a cry of no good, his whole body dashed out from Xiao Lan’s room and headed straight for King Miao’s house.

In King Miao’s bedroom, Xiao Lan’s hands had already begun to undress uncontrollably, and as he watched Xiao Lan’s clothes unbutton one by one, revealing the bright red underwear inside, King Miao’s eyes grew even hotter.

“Hahahaha, these twenty years of dedication are worth it at this moment ……”

King Miao laughed lewdly, his eyes unblinking as he looked at Xiao Lan.

Xiaolan had long been drenched in sweat, desperately trying to suppress the desire in her heart, but the medicinal power of that Hopping San was too strong, and Xiaolan simply could not suppress it.

She thought about biting her tongue to kill herself, but unfortunately she didn’t even have the strength to do so now.

Xiaolan’s body was so white and red at the moment that water could almost drip out at the touch.

Wow ……

Just as Xiaolan’s clothes were about to be stripped naked, there was a sudden sound of breaking gla*s, followed by Chen Ping rushing into the house.

Seeing Chen Ping who suddenly burst in, that Miao King froze at once, how could he not think that how Chen Ping escaped from inside the secret room?

Could it be that those poisonous substances had not harmed him at all?

How was this possible?

Looking at Xiao Lan, who was almost naked on the bed, Chen Ping stepped forward and grabbed one of Xiao Lan’s hands, followed by a surge of spiritual energy into Xiao Lan’s body.

After seeing Chen Ping, Xiao Lan finally couldn’t control herself any longer and pounced on Chen Ping, kissing his neck repeatedly.

“Give it to me, give it to me quickly, I can’t stand it ……”

Xiaolan’s inner desire exploded and desperately tore at Chen Ping’s clothes.