Phoenix Among Men Chapter 728

After taking a look at the corpse of the Miao King, Chen Ping looked around, while the people of the Miao Village all looked at him with trepidation and fear in their eyes.

The five great heads were even filled with cold sweat, the Chen Ping in their eyes at this moment was like a devil.

“Do any of you want to take revenge for your Miao King?”

Chen Ping asked in a stern voice.

Hundreds of Miao fortress people were silent, and the Five Great Rulers also kept their mouths shut, not knowing how to answer Chen Ping.

“Chen Ping, let them go …………”

At this time, Xiaolan came over.

No matter what, she had also lived in the Miao Village for twenty years, and many people here had taken care of her.

Back then, no matter if these people were involved in killing her parents or not, now that the Miao King was dead, Xiaolan didn’t want to pursue the matter anymore.

“Whether to let them off or not depends on their attitude ……”

Chen Ping’s eyes were sharp, if these people wanted to take revenge, Chen Ping would not show mercy, treating his enemies, Chen Ping had always been ruthless.

“The Miao King is dead, this is a grudge between Mr. Chen and the Miao King, the other members of our Miao Cottage will never seek revenge on Mr. Chen ……”

The Dali head stood out at this time and said.

He knew that if he didn’t speak, no one would dare to speak, and now in the whole Miao Village, there was no one other than him who had more power than him.

“We don’t dare to seek revenge on Mr. Chen ……”

At this moment, those people from the Miao Village said in unison, each with an incomparably respectful attitude.

In this society, only the strong would be respected.

“Chen Ping, let’s go, leave here, I will never go back to Miao Village again, I want to find my sister ……”

Xiaolan pulled at Chen Ping and said.

Chen Ping had not yet spoken, but the Dali head knelt down in front of Xiaolan with a poof.

“Miss Xiaolan, you must not leave now, if you leave, our Miao village will all be finished, we will all die ……”

The head of the Dali kept kowtowing to Xiaolan: “Tianwu Sect’s Xia Chao said he would come to marry Miss Xiaolan in three days, if Miss Xiaolan leaves, now that the Miao King is also dead, Tianwu Sect will deal with our Miao Village, it’s as easy as a snap, we will all die at the hands of Tianwu Sect, please Miss Xiaolan save us …… ”

“Please Miss Xiaolan save us ……”

The other Miao Zhai people also knelt down in front of Xiaolan.

When the Miao King was not dead, the Miao Village could still follow the Tianwu Sect in a fight, but now, the Tianwu Sect could crush the Miao Village in an instant.

If the Tianwu Clan came to pick up Xiaolan in three days’ time and Xiaolan was no longer there, they would surely take offense at the others and even wipe out the whole Miao Village.

Xiao Lan looked at the many people from the Miao Village who had fallen to their knees, and a look of embarra*sment appeared on her face.

She could not let herself marry that Xia Chao and lose her innocent body just to save these people.

But if she didn’t save them, looking at these people who had been together for twenty years, Xiaolan really couldn’t bear it …………

“Let’s leave in a few days and meet the people of the Tianwu Sect ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

Xiaolan looked at Chen Ping with gratitude in her eyes, because she knew that Chen Ping was staying in order not to make things difficult for himself.

And those Miao Zhai people were also grateful: “Thank you, Mr. Chen, for saving my life ……”

In fact, Chen Ping had his own plans, he did not intend to leave, but wanted to see if the Heavenly Martial Sect really had the existence of a spiritual spring or not.

Chen Ping and Xiaolan continued to stay at the Miao Village, while in the past few days, the Miao Village people worshiped Chen Ping like a god, eating and drinking good food and treating him well, making Chen Ping feel very comfortable.

After this incident, Xiaolan also took a liking to Chen Ping, and from time to time, she confided in him, and often walked around in front of Chen Ping wearing very little, causing Chen Ping to burn with desire.

Xiaolan does not care, after all, her body has long been seen by Chen Ping …………