Phoenix Among Men Chapter 727

The burnt corpses of the beetles in the underground were so horrifying to look at.

Looking at his carefully cultivated iron beetles all burnt, King Miao’s jaw was bared, his heart was dripping blood, apart from the poisonous wasps, these iron beetles were his killer.

“It smells so good, if you put this in a wok and fry it, it must be delicious, now that you don’t have the iron beetle to protect your body, it’s like a tiger without teeth, let’s see what else you can do to fight me ……”

Chen Ping coldly laughed, followed by a flash of his body, and then smashed his fist on the Miao King’s body.

Without the protection of the Iron Beetle, the Miao King’s body was instantly knocked out, and along with a burst of bone cracking sound, all of the Miao King’s ribs were broken.

“Ah …………”

The Miao King, who was struggling to stand up, roared in anger.

“If you kill yourself now, you might still be able to have some decency ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Kill yourself?” The Miao King looked at Chen Ping angrily, “You think too badly of me ……”

After saying that, bursts of black gas suddenly emerged from the Miao King’s body, all these black gas were highly poisonous, but the Miao King did not attack Chen Ping with these poisonous fogs, but along with the poisonous fogs rising, countless poisonous creatures in the Miao fortress began to run towards this side.

When Chen Ping saw that the Miao King intended to use the poison against him, he was excited inside, it looked like the spiritual energy he was about to deplete was going to be replenished again.

However, these poisonous creatures did not attack Chen Ping, but began to tear at the Miao King, who did not resist at all.

“Is he planning to poison himself to death?”

Chen Ping had a puzzled look on his face.

Soon, the Miao King’s body was bitten to death by the poisonous creature, and venom oozed out all over his body, even his blood was black.

“Chen Ping, today I will die with you ……”

The Miao King roared in anger while the deep black gas grew thicker and thicker and began to coalesce and take shape in mid-air.

“This is the Miao Village’s secret art of Shadow Demon, Chen Ping you must be careful ……”

Xiaolan hissed at Chen Ping.

And when those other members of the Miao Village saw this, they knelt on the ground, one by one, bowing their heads, no one dared to look up.

Only to see a huge demonic shadow looming in mid-air, more than a foot tall, looking down at Chen Ping.

And after the Miao King’s body forced out the last trace of black Qi, it collapsed with a bang, its entire body instantly dried up, like a dry corpse.

“Go to hell …………”

The demonic shadow shouted angrily, but it was the voice of that Miao King.

“Stand back …………”

Dali head shouted after he felt the terrifying aura and got up violently.

Those members of the Miao Cottage got up and ran backwards, no one dared to stay even for a moment.

“Chen Ping, run, run quickly ……”

Xiaolan shouted at Chen Ping while she herself ran backwards.

It could be seen that these people of the Miao Village were terrified of this so-called demonic shadow.

Chen Ping tilted his head and looked at the demonic shadow in mid-air: “The torso is dead, I will still be afraid of a phantom of yours ……”

Rumble …………

Soon, the demonic shadow descended from the sky, and its terrifying aura pressed directly towards Chen Ping, as if it was two large mountains.

Chen Ping’s feet soon sank deep into the ground, while the terrifying aura continued to press downwards.

“Chen Ping …………”

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Xiaolan wanted to go over and save him, but her fear of that demonic shadow made her unable to take a step at all.

“Don’t you come over ……” Chen Ping admonished Xiaolan, “A mere phantom shadow can’t hurt me yet ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, his body suddenly appeared in golden light, the whole person was like a burning sun, the dark night sky was illuminated brightly.

And the demonic shadow instantly disappeared under this sudden golden light, not even a trace of it could be seen.

When the golden light slowly disappeared, nothing was left but the dried up corpse of the Miao King on the ground.

When the rest of the Miao village saw this, they were all horrified. That was the devil’s shadow that the Miao King had burned his life to create, but it was so unbearable!