Phoenix Among Men Chapter 726

“Those poisons you practiced on the Corpse King have long since become a meal in my belly, and you still dare to mention practicing on the Corpse King?”

The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “If you still have those goodies, I don’t mind being locked up by you once ……”

King Miao took a deep breath and tried hard to restrain the anger in his heart, knowing that those were all poisonous creatures that he had carefully cultivated, but now they had all died tragically.

“Chen Ping, either you die or I die today ……”

After the Miao King finished speaking, he violently beckoned, and those iron beetles that had lost their wings flew to the Miao King’s body, forming another armor on the Miao King’s body.

“Then I will follow your wish ……”

Chen Ping leapt up and reached the Miao King in the blink of an eye.

Boom boom boom ……

There was a constant dull sound as each of Chen Ping’s punches hit the Miao King’s body hard, only that they were all blocked by those iron beetles, each punch would kill dozens of iron beetles, but soon more iron beetles would come up, it felt like the iron beetles could not be killed.

The Miao King’s eyes flashed with smugness and the corners of his mouth lifted, “You can’t hurt me, this time let me try if your body is also so strong ……”

After saying that, King Miao also punched Chen Ping, although the force of this punch was great, it did not cause substantial damage to Chen Ping.

In an instant, the two men blasted at each other, their fists coming to flesh, except that neither could help the other.

Although King Miao’s strength had not reached the realm of Martial Sect, but after years of immersion in the realm of peak Grand Master, King Miao’s strength could not be underestimated, plus with the Iron Beetle protecting his body, so he was still able to follow Chen Ping to a draw.

Boom …………

The two fists clashed, and Chen Ping and that Miao King both took a few steps back, pulling apart.

The two men threw dozens of punches each, neither could help the other, and there was a stalemate for a while.

“Chen Ping, my iron beetles are endless, I would like to see how many more blows your body can resist ……”

The Miao King said with a cold smile on his face.

Chen Ping frowned slightly, he also felt that this Iron Beetle was indeed somewhat difficult to deal with, at this rate, I’m afraid that even if the spiritual energy in his body was depleted, he wouldn’t be able to finish killing these Iron Beetles.

“Chen Ping, these iron beetles are afraid of fire, afraid of fire ……”

At this time, Xiao Lan suddenly shouted towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping’s eyes suddenly lit up, how could he not have thought that bugs in general would be afraid of fire.

And that Miao King’s face changed slightly after hearing Xiao Lan remind Chen Ping, but he quickly recovered and said, “These iron beetles are personally trained by me, they are not afraid of fire at all ……”

In order to prove that the iron beetles on his body are not afraid of fire, Miao Wang also took a torch directly and waved it in front of himself, while those iron beetles did not move at all.

“If you are afraid of fire or not, you will know once you try it ……”

The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth raised slightly, followed by a dancing flame suddenly appearing above his palm.

This is Chen Ping’s spirit fire for alchemy, is not that ordinary flame can be compared.

The light blue spirit fire pulsated on Chen Ping’s hand, and after seeing this scene, King Miao’s eyes revealed a few moments of panic.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Ping swung violently, and that ball of flame instantly turned into a large ball of fire, heading towards that Miao King, and the scorching heat of the flame caused many people to run away.

Seeing this, the Miao King hurriedly dodged, but some of the flames still landed on his body, followed by a teng like someone had poured gasoline, the flames instantly rose two to three meters high after landing on the Miao King.

Zi Zi Zi …………

A burnt smell came out, making people feel dry and sick, while those iron beetles on the Miao King fell off one after another, then tried to escape, only to regret that all these iron beetles were carrying dancing flames on their bodies, and before they could crawl much further, they were directly burnt.