Phoenix Among Men Chapter 725

After saying that, Chen Ping’s body emitted a burst of terrifying aura, and the terrifying aura caused the surrounding members of the Miao Cottage to all be terrified and retreat backwards.

“This …… this Chen Ping has strengthened a lot more ……”

The Dali head felt the terrifying aura on Chen Ping’s body and was filled with astonishment.

When they were in Kyoto, the five of them had followed Chen Ping in his fights, and at that time, Chen Ping’s strength was not yet so terrifying.

Seeing this, King Miao also hurriedly activated his Qi, and the two Qi strands met, instantly causing the surrounding trees to uproot, as if a fierce wind had raged through them.

“Chen Ping, that iron beetle is as hard as iron, and the wings on its body are very sharp, you have to be careful ……”

Xiaolan warned loudly to Chen Ping.

These iron beetles didn’t just form armour, as long as they flapped their wings, it would be the same as having countless sharp blades around the Miao King, any part of the Miao King that Chen Ping attacked would be likely to be cut!

“Traitor, when I kill this Chen Ping, I will clean you up properly ……”

The Miao King looked at Xiaolan angrily before slapping his palm towards Chen Ping.

Along with the palm wind, at the same time there were countless iron beetles flashing their wings and flying towards Chen Ping.

A pair of wings, illuminated by the moonlight, were eerily cold.

Chen Ping smashed out his fist, blocking the Miao King’s palm, while the terrifying fist wind also killed quite a few iron beetles, only for some of them to pa*s through Chen Ping’s defence and use those sharp wings to cut a wound on Chen Ping’s body.

Chen Ping’s clothes were given to Xiaolan, and his bronze skin was exposed on the outside. After being cut by the iron beetle’s wings, dense wounds soon appeared, and although the wounds were subtle, the entire upper body was almost covered with them.

Seeing Chen Ping’s body injured, that Miao King was instantly excited, “Hahahaha, I thought how strong your body was, but it turns out that it is just that ……”

After saying that, the Miao King leapt up and slapped out his palm once again, the huge palm wind instantly crushed the surrounding ground and sunk a few points, and those Miao Cottage members around him retreated backwards.

Along with the palm wind, the iron beetles on the Miao King’s body all broke away from the Miao King’s body and surged towards Chen Ping.

Boom ……

After a loud sound, the ground on which Chen Ping was standing instantly collapsed, and Chen Ping was surrounded by iron beetles.

Dust and dirt flew, and a loud rattling sound echoed through the Miao Cottage.

“Chen Ping …………”

Xiao Lan saw the scene and shouted out in a heartbreaking voice.

And the corner of that Miao King’s mouth lifted, he knew that even if Chen Ping was not killed by his own slap, he would be stirred into mush by the iron beetle.

“Bring this traitor back to me, I’ll teach her a good lesson ……”

The Miao King glanced at Xiao Lan before ordering.

The five great heads of reason nodded and ran together towards Xiao Lan.

Seeing this, Xiaolan looked at the Miao King angrily, “If I cannot avenge my parents in this life, I will not spare you even if I am a ghost in the next life ……”

When Xiaolan finished speaking, she slapped her palm to her head, she would rather kill herself than let Miao King defile her.

Seeing this, the Dali head took control of Xiaolan and did not let her succeed in killing herself.

“Let go of me, let go of me, I will not go back even if I die ……”

Xiaolan struggled desperately, but to no avail.

Just as the five Dali heads were about to take Xiaolan to the Miao King, a cold voice suddenly came out.

“Let her go, and you may still live ……”

Soon, a figure slowly walked out from that collapsed place.

“You …… are not dead yet?”

The five great heads of reason looked at the figure that walked out and were instantly shocked.

“Chen Ping …………” Xiao Lan saw that Chen Ping was still alive and instantly burst into hot tears.

Chen Ping’s body was emitting a faint golden light at the moment, and underneath Chen Ping’s feet, countless iron beetles were swarming up from the collapse, except that the sharp and cold wings on these iron beetles were gone.

“This body is really strong, it is a pity that it is not refined into a corpse king ……”

The Miao King’s expression changed and his face was a little ugly.