Phoenix Among Men Chapter 724

The people of the Miao Village also all looked at Chen Ping angrily, they had to know that Xiaolan was a goddess in the hearts of many people in the Miao Village, but now she had been preyed upon by an outsider like Chen Ping, how could they not be angry?

“Chen Ping, don’t you dare to argue, the Miao King has worked hard to raise Xiaolan for twenty years, how could it be like what you said?”

“That’s right, it’s obviously Xiaolan who misbehaved and went so far as to break the rules inside the fortress ……”

“Kill them, kill them ……”

Soon, many people in the Miao Village shouted, the crowd was in an uproar ……

Xiao Lan was wrapped in Chen Ping’s clothes at the moment and was at a loss for words, she knew that no one would believe her if she said anything.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the people of the Miao Village and suddenly the corners of your mouth lifted and you sneered, “A bunch of ignorant guys, okay, I admit everything you said, I just slept with Xiaolan, it was great, what can you do with me? Come on if you have the guts ……”

Chen Ping’s provocation made the Miao Village crowd even angrier, but no one dared to come forward, knowing that Chen Ping was an existence that had killed a martial arts clan, who dared to come forward and look for death?

Seeing that no one dared to move, Chen Ping’s face was full of ridicule as he looked at the Miao King: “Are all of you Miao Village goons, are you all straw bags? Or else you old beast come up to die ……”

The Miao King looked at Chen Ping angrily, his teeth clacking, “Chen Ping, don’t think that just because you killed Qin Xiaolin, you think you are invincible, although I have not yet reached the realm of Martial Sect, but this is the Miao Village, it is my territory, will I spare you ……”

The Miao King’s anger rose up all over his body, and now in this situation, he could no longer refrain from making a move.

The aura of the peak of the Grand Master spread out towards the surroundings, the terrifying pressure caused the surrounding trees to sway as if a gale was sweeping through them.

“Don’t use this to scare me, give me something realistic ……”

Chen Ping had a disdainful face, not caring at all about the Miao King’s anger.

“Immediately I will make you regret it, don’t think that you are the only one who can have a strong body ……”

After the Miao King finished speaking, a trace of black Qi actually began to emerge from his body, which drifted in all directions, and soon a rustling sound could be heard from the surrounding mountains and forests, as if countless worms were crawling in the gra*s.

Immediately afterwards, from all directions, countless insects with dark bodies and hard armour on their backs kept pouring over, thousands of them.

Seeing these insects, Chen Ping was overjoyed, he knew that the Miao King was trying to attack himself with poisonous insects, but what Chen Ping was most unafraid of was poisonous insects, so he could use these poisonous insects to fill up the spiritual energy in his dantian.

Those people from the Miao Village, after seeing these insects, dodged out of the way, while a look of surprise flashed in the eyes of the Five Great Rulers.

But what was strange to Chen Ping was that those insects did not attack towards themselves, but frantically surged towards the Miao King, as if they were tearing him apart.

“Chen Ping be careful, that’s an iron beetle, it’s an iron beetle ……”

Xiaolan warned Chen Ping loudly from behind him.

Soon, those insects crawled all over the Miao King’s body, as if a black armor was wearing on the body of the Miao King.

Seeing this scene, Chen Ping instantly understood that these insects were not poisonous insects, nor were they attacking himself, but were used as a defence.

“Hmph, something that is useless in appearance ……”

Chen Ping snorted coldly and took the lead in launching an attack.

With a simple, unadorned punch, he ruthlessly headed towards the Miao King’s chest.


After a dull sound, that Miao King’s body surprisingly did not move at all, except that a large number of iron beetles fell to the ground dead at the chest, but another iron beetle soon filled the gap.

“Hahahaha, Chen Ping, I used my life’s energy to create the armor with these iron beetles, I have no weak points in this armor, no matter where you attack, it will be useless.”


King Miao laughed arrogantly.

Chen Ping looked at King Miao’s arrogant look and the corner of his mouth lifted slightly, “Since there is no weak point, then let’s try it hard ……”