Phoenix Among Men Chapter 744

Xia Chao had no time to react before he was kicked out by Chen Ping, his huge body flying straight out for dozens of metres and landing heavily on the ground.

Xia Chao got up from the ground, a mouthful of fresh blood gushed out, and his face was grim as he looked at Chen Ping.

“Having been hit by my Hundred Ghosts Devouring Heart, you are still able to activate your internal energy, I really underestimated you, but soon you will feel the coming of death ……”

Xia Chao looked at Chen Ping coldly, no one could escape his Hundred Ghost Devouring Heart, he was going to watch Chen Ping, his whole body would collapse and burst to death in a moment ……

However, after waiting for a few minutes, Chen Ping did not show the slightest difference, which shocked Xia Chao.

“No need to wait, this so-called what’s your hundred ghosts devouring your heart, by now it would have become my belly meal, if you have other skills, go ahead and use them, if not, then I will kill you and it’s time to leave ……”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

“How is that possible?”

Xia Chao’s eyes widened, the Yin Qi that he had consumed in his body at all costs had no effect on Chen Ping.

“There is nothing impossible, all the poisons in our Miao Village are useless against Chen Ping, you are even more finished with this broken whatchamacallit devouring heart ……”

Xiaolan said with a sneer on her face.

She knew that this guy Chen Ping was invulnerable to all poisons, even the most poisonous bees in the Miao Village could not help Chen Ping, this Xia Chao’s so-called Yin Qi could not deal with Chen Ping even more.

“Chen Ping?” Xia Chao frowned slightly, the name sounded very familiar to him, but he just couldn’t remember it.

At this moment, a Grand Master of the Heavenly Martial Sect walked up to Xia Chao’s ear and whispered a few words softly.

Xia Chao’s face then changed dramatically, and his eyes looked at Chen Ping in shock.

“You …… are the Chen Ping who killed the Martial Sect’s Qin Xiaolin?”

Xia Chao asked with a face full of surprise.

“That’s right, it’s your grandfather me ……”

Chen Ping nodded his head.

Seeing Chen Ping’s admission, Xia Chao’s face became more and more ugly, and the fist he had just clenched, surprisingly, slowly loosened again.

Although he now had the evil art to re-body, but after all, his own strength was only a seventh grade Grand Master, and he needed to absorb Xiao Lan’s Yin Qi before he could break through to the realm of Martial Sect.

But the Chen Ping in front of him was an existence that had killed a First Grade Martial Grandmaster. Even if Xia Chao had broken through to Martial Grandmaster, I was afraid that he would not be a match for Chen Ping.

He had always wanted to be a genius in the Martial Dao world and become the youngest Martial Patriarch in the Martial Dao world, but the Chen Ping in front of him was the same age as him, yet he was already able to kill Martial Patriarchs.

What kind of difference was this?

One must know that Xia Chao’s strength was gained at the cost of losing his manly abilities, and even so, Xia Chao was still no match for Chen Ping.

For a moment, inferiority complex and helplessness filled Xia Chao’s heart.

“I am no match for you, you can take them and leave, my Heavenly Martial Sect will never stop ……”

Xia Chao knew that if Chen Ping wanted to leave, no one in the Tianwu Sect could stop him.

If his own father was around, he might still be able to fight Chen Ping, but it was just a pity that his own father was not around, and the other ancestors of the Tianwu Sect, all of whom had closed their doors many years ago, could not possibly come out for the sake of a Chen Ping.

“Did I say I was leaving?” Chen Ping’s eyes were cold as he looked at Xia Chao: “Those Yin Qi in your body is also an incomparable resource for me ……”

“What? You …… you also cultivate Yin seizure ……” Xia Chao said halfway, knowing that he almost let his mouth slip, he immediately shut it and changed his mouth, “You also cultivate other arts? ”

“Bah, who the hell practices that kind of rubbish stuff, I’m a serious man, it’s just that the techniques I practice also happen to require these ……”

Chen Ping fiercely pooh-poohed.

Xia Chao looked at Chen Ping, of course he would not give the Yin Qi in his body to Chen Ping, this was all he had, if he gave Chen Ping the Yin Qi he had so easily absorbed, then Xia Chao would be a ruined man.