Phoenix Among Men Chapter 745

“All the disciples of the Heavenly Martial Sect listen to the order, stop him at all costs …………”

Xia Chao suddenly gave an order, and then his entire body instantly pulled up and ran towards the outside of the mountain gate.

As long as he escaped Chen Ping’s clutches, Xia Chao would have a chance to take revenge, and when his own father returned, it would not be too late for father and son to unite to seek revenge on Chen Ping.

Just as Xia Chao’s body leapt up and prepared to escape, Chen Ping had expected him to run and leapt up in the air at the same time, instantly reaching Xia Chao and then stomping down with a fierce foot.

Xia Chao’s body smashed heavily into the ground, accompanied by a loud bang, and the constant stirring of smoke and dust, Xia Chao’s body was directly smashed into the ground nearly a meter deep.

“Eldest Young Master …………”

Seeing this, the Tianwu Sect’s disciples went forward to dig Xia Chao out, except that at this moment, Xia Chao’s whole body had broken bones and could not even stand up, and could only rely on someone to support him.

“You still want to run in front of me, can you run?”

Chen Ping looked at Xia Chao icily.

“Chen Ping, let me go, you can take all the things of the Heavenly Martial Sect at your leisure, as long as you let me go ……”

Xia Chao followed Chen Ping and begged.

As the saying goes, it is never too late for a great man to take revenge, as long as Chen Ping let him go, when he stepped into the Martial Sect, he would unite with his own father in seeking revenge on Chen Ping.

“Let you go?” The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “If I let you go, wouldn’t I be letting the tiger back into the mountain and finding trouble for myself?”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, his body flickered violently, directly reaching Xia Chao.

The few Heavenly Martial Sect disciples who were holding Xia Chao instinctively tried to block Chen Ping, but unfortunately, the strong qi Chen Ping emitted caused these Heavenly Martial Sect disciples to instantly fly backwards.

Without anyone to help him, Xia Chao’s body fell backwards heavily, only to be held down by Chen Ping’s head.

Xia Chao only felt a huge suction as the Yin Qi within his own Dantian continued to bubble outwards and was directly sucked into Chen Ping’s body.

“You …… you actually know the Star Sucking Technique …………”

Xia Chao’s eyes were filled with horror, but he simply could not break free.

When the others around him saw that Chen Ping was actually sucking the Yin Qi from Xia Chao’s body, they could not help but be staggered.

Soon, the Yin Qi in Xia Chao’s body was sucked cleanly by Chen Ping, and Xia Chao’s body fell heavily to the ground after Chen Ping let go of his hand.

Without Yin Qi, Xia Chao was undoubtedly as good as an ordinary person at this moment, and now that all the bones in his body were almost broken, it would be difficult to cultivate in the future.

“Now that you have sucked the Yin Qi out of my body, you can go now ……”

Xia Chao said as he lay on the ground and looked at Chen Ping.

Although there was no more Yin Qi now and all his bones were broken, but the flame of revenge inside Xia Chao did not go out, he would take this revenge sooner or later.

“Go?” Chen Ping laughed coldly, “Did I say I was going to leave? If I don’t kill you, will I be able to do justice to those hundreds of girls, do you know what kind of pain they will go through if you suck out their Yin Qi?”

Chen Ping said, suddenly extending his right hand, followed by a flickering sword slowly flashing out in Chen Ping’s hand, the sword was at first a shiny colour, followed by slowly turning crimson, and one could even see from the sword that it resembled blood flowing.

“I just got the Dragon Cutting Sword today, just in time to take your kid’s blood to sacrifice the sword ……”

After Chen Ping finished, the Chopping Dragon Sword in his hand waved, and a red mane rose up to the sky.

“Don’t …………”

Xia Chao’s eyes widened as he hissed loudly.

Soon after, along with a rumbling sound, the red aura disappeared, and Xia Chao’s body unexpectedly disappeared, directly vaporized by the red aura emitted from the Dragon Chopping Sword, not even a single bone was left behind, as if it disappeared out of thin air.

“Holy sh*t, this Chopping Dragon Sword is too powerful ……”

It was also the first time that Chen Ping used the Chopping Dragon Sword, and he did not expect it to be so powerful.