Phoenix Among Men Chapter 75

Seeing Chen Ping frozen, Wang Han Han smiled, “If you don’t want to say it, you don’t have to say it, it’s okay ……”

Chen Ping just smiled and didn’t say anything, after following Wang Han Han around for a while, the two of them went back to have lunch!

Meanwhile, at Hongcheng People’s Hospital, Xiao Lei was lying on the hospital bed somewhat bored!

He didn’t want to stay in the hospital and wanted to go home, but his father Xiao Yan didn’t agree and insisted that he should stay in the hospital to recover from his injuries before going back!

After all, with the Xiao family’s wealth, even if Xiao Lei stayed in the hospital for a year, it wouldn’t be a problem!

Just when Xiao Lei was bored, the door to the ward was pushed open and Geng Shanshan walked in carrying a lunch box!

“Brother Lei, I have good news for you ……”

As soon as he entered, Geng Shanshan said excitedly.

“What’s the good news?” Xiao Lei asked.

“That Chen Ping has been kicked out of the Pan Long Bay Villa and may have fallen out with Su Yuqi ……”

Geng Shanshan said with some excitement!

“Why?” Xiao Lei was also delighted!

If Chen Ping didn’t have the Su family to protect him, then Chen Ping would be nothing, and it would only be a matter of minutes if he wanted to crush Chen Ping to death!

“Why else, I reckon it’s because that Su Yuqi can’t see that Chen Ping anymore, I think she’s just teasing that Chen Ping, after all, the two don’t match, how could that Su Yuqi like him, early this morning, the security guards at the Pan Long Bay Villa area said that Chen Ping’s parents left with their stuff and went back to their original neighborhood!” Geng Shanshan said.

“Hahahaha, great!” Xiao Lei laughed out loud, “When I get better, let’s see how I’ll deal with that Chen Ping, I’ll make his life worse than death ……”


Early the next morning!

Sun Fuhai called, he had asked Sun Xiaomeng to pick up Chen Ping and go to Sun Xiaomeng’s company together!

When Chen Baoguo heard this, he hurriedly urged Chen Ping to get up!

“Chen Ping, you have to do well today, this is a big company, if you can really work in it, you can be a department manager or something like that in the future, you will be able to settle down in the future!”

Chen Baoguo admonished Chen Ping!

“Got it, Dad!”

Chen Ping nodded and casually took a piece of clothing and put it on.

“You’re interviewing for a job, how can you wear these clothes!” Chen Baoguo frowned slightly, “Wear a suit, be sharp!”

“Dad, I don’t have a suit!” Chen Ping wasn’t in the habit of wearing suits at all, so he hadn’t bought one either!

This was when Tang Hongying came over and said to Chen Ping, “Nonsense, how could you not have one, have you forgotten that you bought one for you three years ago, it was for you to wear for your wedding, and the result …………”

Tang Hongying said this, hastily shut her mouth, today Chen Ping interview, she did not want to talk about the previous things!

Soon, Chen Ping put on the suit he bought three years ago, although the number of years is not short, but still very new, after all, Chen Ping did not wear it once!

“My son is just handsome in a suit, go for it ……”

Chen Baoguo patted Chen Ping’s shoulder!

“Chen Ping, come here and let mum touch it ……”

Tang Hongying couldn’t see, so she could only use her hands to touch and feel Chen Ping in his suit!

And at this time, under their home, a red BMW 3-series parked at the entrance of the district, in front of the car, Sun Xiaomeng looked at the rather shabby district with some disgust.

“What kind of sh*tty place is this, it stinks to high heaven, and people can still live here!”

Sun Xiaomeng frowned and pinched her nose, “I really don’t know what Dad was thinking, to even let me come and pick him up ……”

Sun Xiaomeng muttered, and occasionally glanced at her watch, at this time, Sun Xiaomeng was in a professional outfit, a pair of white legs were exposed, which caused many people to glance sideways, while Sun Xiaomeng was full of contempt, simply despising the people who walked out from inside this neighborhood!

After waiting for a while longer, seeing that Chen Ping was still not coming down, Sun Xiaomeng called Chen Baoguo’s phone!