Phoenix Among Men Chapter 76

This is the phone number Sun Xiaomeng asked for after Sun Fuhai. After Chen Baoguo picked up the phone, Sun Xiaomeng said nonchalantly, “What time is it now, when do you want me to wait? You have no sense of time, don’t forget that your family is the one begging me, and you still want me to wait?”

After Sun Xiaomeng finished speaking, she hung up the phone directly, not waiting for Chen Baoguo to speak at all!

The other side of Chen Baoguo answered the phone, the whole person froze for a moment, his face was a bit embarra*sed, after all, at his age, he was disliked by a little girl like Sun Xiaomeng, his heart was very uncomfortable, but when he thought that Chen Ping had to rely on others to introduce him to work, Chen Baoguo also put up with it!

“Dad, who’s calling?”

Chen Ping asked.

“It’s Xiaomeng, they’re waiting downstairs, hurry up and go downstairs, remember to say more nice things to them ……”

Chen Baoguo urged Chen Ping to go downstairs!

Chen Ping went downstairs and saw Sun Xiaomeng waiting at the door, so he walked over and said with a slight apology, “No also sorry, I made you wait ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the situation. Which dynasty suit is it, it’s too old fashioned ……”

Chen Ping frowned slightly, but still suppressed his anger and said, “I bought this three years ago, but I haven’t worn it, it’s still new!”

“New has no use, who among young people still wears such old-fashioned suits nowadays ……” Sun Xiaomeng bristled!

“So …… then why don’t I go and get a new one?” Chen Ping said.

“Forget it, what time is it, where is it going to be, get in the car ……” Sun Xiaomeng opened the car door with a cold face and directly sat in it.

Chen Ping wanted to sit on the pa*senger side, just opened the door, but was stopped by Sun Xiaomeng: “Sit in the back, is the pa*senger side also for you to sit?”

Chen Ping frowned, then sat in the back, while that Sun Xiaomeng didn’t wait for Chen Ping to sit still, she rushed out with a kick of the accelerator!

Luckily, Chen Ping had kung fu again, or else he would have fallen down at once!

“Remember, when you get to the company you can’t say you know me, in addition to whether you can get an interview, I don’t care, it all depends on your own ability, and you don’t expect me to help you, introduce you to the company for an interview, I’m already interesting enough ……”

On the way, Sun Xiaomeng followed Chen Ping and said a lot, the main thing is to make Chen Ping can’t say that he knows himself, because she is afraid that Chen Ping will give himself shame!

“Good!” Chen Ping just faintly returned a good word!

Soon, the car arrived at Sun Xiaomeng’s company, which was a collective company with more than ten floors in the entire office building!

“Heart and Rain Daily Chemical Company Limited?” Chen Ping looked up, looking at the large company name, and frowned slightly!

“This is the Su family’s business?” If Chen Ping remembered correctly, this Heart and Rain Daily Chemical Company was also an industry of the Su Family, he remembered that Su Yuqi seemed to have mentioned that this was the company that Su Wenzong had established for Su Yuqi on her birthday as a birthday present!

Su Yuqi was the chairman and legal person of this company, only she wasn’t involved in the management and rarely came to this company!

“That’s right, this is the business of the richest Su family in Hongcheng, it’s an immense honour to work here, the various benefits are much better than other companies ……”

Sun Xiaomeng said with great pride!

Chen Ping smiled and did not say anything, but followed Sun Xiaomeng towards the inside of the company.

Just as he reached the door, he saw a handsome, tall and handsome young man in a suit standing at the door, this man was none other than Sun Xiaomeng’s boyfriend, Cui Zhiyuan!

“Xiaomeng, what took you so long to get here today? ”

Cui Zhiyuan greeted Sun Xiaomeng with a smile on his face as soon as he saw her!

“Don’t mention it, my dad asked me to pick up that war buddy’s son, so I’m a little late ……”

Sun Xiaomeng beamed, somewhat not very happy.