Phoenix Among Men Chapter 77

Cui Zhiyuan looked at Chen Ping behind Sun Xiaomeng, a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes, before taking Sun Xiaomeng’s hand and walking forward!

Chen Ping could only follow behind, while Cui Zhiyuan followed Sun Xiaomeng and the two of them muttered in whispers!

“If you don’t want him to work here, when the interview comes later, I’ll just brush him off, anyway, today is my interview ……”

Cui Zhiyuan whispered.

“You don’t want to make it too obvious, or else he’ll go tell my dad, and my dad will be mean to me again, this guy just got out of jail, just turn him down with this thing!”

Sun Xiaomeng also came up to Cui Zhiyuan’s ear and whispered.

They were afraid that Chen Ping would hear them, but what they didn’t know was that the two people’s conversation had been heard word for word by Chen Ping, whose current hearing was not comparable to that of ordinary people.

Behind them, Chen Ping laughed coldly, he didn’t care if he got the interview or not, he was just going through the motions!

After following Sun Xiaomeng and the girls to the sales list floor, Sun Xiaomeng pointed at Cui Zhiyuan and then said to Chen Ping, “You go with him, remember what I told you, don’t tell anyone here that you know me!”

Chen Ping nodded, then followed Cui Zhiyuan to the office where the interview was taking place, at this time there were already quite a few people waiting outside, these people were all here for the interview, after all it was a group company with good benefits, so there were a lot of people who wanted to come, and there was no shortage of students from some famous universities!

“You wait outside, someone will call out to you in a moment ……”

After Cui Zhiyuan said that, he directly walked into the office, while Chen Ping found a chair and sat down to rest!

“Dude, you’re here for the interview too?”

Sitting next to Chen Ping, a young man with gla*ses asked Chen Ping.

“Hmm!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

“What school did you graduate from? I know that many of the interviewees this time are graduates from famous universities, look at that girl in the skirt, I heard she is from Qingbei University, and that man with the backpack, he is a graduate from Hai University.”

The young man had an envious look on his face as he followed Chen Ping!

“I’m from Beijiang Business School!” Chen Ping smiled faintly!

“A student from Beijiang?” The young man was stunned, then surprised, “You dare to come to this company for an interview with this diploma, you are really courageous, that university of yours is not as good as this Blue Xiang Technical School of mine!”

The young man looked at Chen Ping with a bit of pride, he finally found someone whose diploma was not as good as his own!

Chen Ping laughed and didn’t say anything!

At this time, a girl in a work uniform came over and said to the interviewers, “Everyone give me your CVs, we will call you in for an interview later in order!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd hurriedly handed in their carefully prepared CVs, except for Chen Ping who sat motionless!

“This gentleman, where is your resume?”

The girl saw Chen Ping not moving, so she asked!

“I didn’t prepare a resume!” Chen Ping said indifferently!

Seeing that Chen Ping had not prepared a resume for the interview, the girl’s eyes flashed with surprise, but she still asked, “Sir, what is your name, so I can call you later!”

“My name is Chen Ping!” Chen Ping said!

The girl nodded and turned around and walked into the office!

The crowd all looked at Chen Ping like he was a fool, how could he possibly get an interview for such an occasion, wearing an outdated suit and not even preparing a resume!

Only the young man who had just followed Chen Ping and talked to him looked at him a little strangely, and then suddenly whispered, “Buddy, do you have connections and have gone through the back door?”

Chen Ping was stunned, not knowing why that youngster would ask that!

“You must have gone through the back door, otherwise how could you not prepare a resume, and the man who just brought you here, I see that he is a senior executive in this company, no wonder you are so calm!” The young man had a flattering smile on his face, and then took out a box of chewing gum from his pocket and handed one to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping was not polite, he just took it and threw it into his mouth!