Phoenix Among Men Chapter 78

“Buddy, if you really have connections, can you put in a good word for me later, and if I can get accepted, I’ll treat you to a meal at a big hotel ……”

The young man looked at Chen Ping with anticipation!

Chen Ping smiled faintly, “OK, if I succeed, I’ll put in a good word for you!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much ……” The young man was so happy that he kept following Chen Ping and thanking him!

Soon the interviews started, one by one the interviewees walked in nervously and walked out frustrated, even those few interviewees from the famous universities didn’t make it!

Seeing that the interviewees from the prestigious universities had failed, the young man beside Chen Ping became even more nervous, his hands slightly clenched into fists, his palms covered in sweat!

“Next up, Chen Ping …………”

Soon, it was Chen Ping’s turn, and when Chen Ping got up, the young man beside him pulled him back!

“Buddy, you must put in a good word for me, I’m counting on you ……”

The young man said with a nervous face.

Chen Ping nodded, and then walked into the office, as soon as he entered, he saw three people sitting behind a table, and the girl who had just collected resumes was standing by the side!

Cui Zhiyuan was sitting in the middle, obviously he was the main interviewer for today’s interview, the two left and right were just the accompaniment, whether the interview could be pa*sed or not, only one word from Cui Zhiyuan was needed!

Cui Zhiyuan looked at Chen Ping and said with calm eyes, “Introduce yourself!”

Chen Ping was about to speak, but he saw an interviewer beside Cui Zhiyuan saying, “Since you don’t have a CV, you need to tell us all about your experience in the years since you graduated from university!”

Chen Ping nodded and briefly told them about his experiences after graduation, and of course about his imprisonment, he didn’t hide it, nor did he have anything to hide!

It was obvious that Cui Zhiyuan had already told them about it, so they were not surprised!

After hearing this, Cui Zhiyuan’s eyes were slightly closed, both hands were clasped in front of his chest, and he leaned on his seat without saying a word, the girl at the side saw this and hurriedly went forward to ma*sage Cui Zhiyuan gently!

“Do you know what kind of company we are? Do you know who the boss of our company is? You just got out of jail as a labour prisoner, and you dare to come for an interview?”

An interviewer said with a contemptuous smile.

“Why don’t you dare? Does your company have an explicit rule against interviewing people who have been in prison? And what’s wrong with having been in prison? Does being in jail make you a bad person?”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

“Although there is no explicit rule in our company, but you are a reformer, if you enter the company, it will affect our company’s image, I believe other companies will not want people like you who have completed their sentences, you better know yourself, if I were you, I wouldn’t even have the face to come out …… ”

The interviewer looked at Chen Ping playfully, looking like he was deliberately humiliating him, and in a particularly loud voice!

This time, outside those interviewers also heard, one by one all face astonished, and just followed Chen Ping to speak that young man even more shocked.

“sh*t, so it’s a reformer, wasting a piece of my chewing gum for nothing, what a bad luck …………”

The young man hurriedly ran into the bathroom to wash his hands!

Chen Ping inside the office was not angry, smiled lightly and said, “If I were you, without a little manly ability, I don’t even have the face to sit here, your eyes are full of black circles, is it that you look at your wife at night, but you are simply useless, you can’t sleep all night ah?”

Chen Ping’s words made that interviewer freeze, his eyes looked at Chen Ping with a bit of shock, he didn’t understand, how did Chen Ping know that he didn’t have the ability of a man?