Phoenix Among Men Chapter 755

“Su-jin, is that really the case? I haven’t heard you say that you have nightmares at night?”

Seeing this, Ren Xian hurriedly asked to his wife.

I don’t know why, but Ren Xian’s wife’s eyes turned evasive, and her face turned ugly, and she fumbled over her words, unwilling to answer.

It was just a nightmare at night, so why was she so reluctant to say anything?

“What are you talking about? Is what Mr. Chen said right? What is wrong with you? Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

Seeing his wife dodging and not answering him positively, Ren Xian felt very strange.

“Ooooooooo …………” Suddenly, Ren Xian’s wife burst into tears, and she was crying very sadly.

Seeing his wife crying bitterly, Ren Xian panicked a little.

“Su Zhen, you …… don’t cry first, what is going on here?”

Ren Xian asked anxiously.

But Ren Xian’s wife was just about to open her mouth when she saw a young man in a suit and extremely spirited walk in, followed by a young man of a similar age beside the young man.

“Dad, I’ve invited Ning Yu here to see my mother!”

The young man in the suit opened his mouth and said to Ren Xian.

This young man was Ren Xian’s son, Ren Sicong!

The young man beside Ren Sicong, on the other hand, swept a glance at the crowd and finally landed his gaze on Xiao Lan, after frowning slightly, but quickly moved his gaze away.

Seeing that Sun Simiao was present, Ren Sicong immediately nodded towards Sun Simiao and said, “Greetings, Master Sun!”

Sun Simiao also smiled towards that Ren Sicong and said, “Sicong is still so spirited now, and his mouth is sweet!”

When Ren Sicong saw Chen Ping, he just swept a glance and did not say anything, as he did not know Chen Ping.

But after Ren Sicong’s gaze swept over Xiaolan, he was instantly hooked by Xiaolan’s beauty.

Xiaolan’s angelic appearance, as well as her knife-like face, her devilishly dimpled body, and her body was emitting a burst of body fragrance, Ren Sicong was instantly enchanted, and his eyes looked straight at Xiaolan, not even blinking.

“Ahem …………”

Seeing his son actually looking at Xiaolan in such an unreasonable manner, Ren Xian coughed heavily twice.

Although Ren Xian did not know what kind of relationship Xiao Lan was following Chen Ping, but if his own son was so unreasonable, it would be more than worth it if he P*ssed off Chen Ping.

Hearing Ren Xian’s cough, Ren Sicong then came back to his senses and hurriedly asked to Ren Xian, “Dad, who is this beautiful woman?”

“Sicong, this is Mr. Chen who I found to see your mother!”

Ren Xian did not introduce Xiaolan first, but pointed to Chen Ping and introduced her, then continued, “This girl is a friend of Mr. Chen’s, she came here together!”

Ren Xian introduced her in this way, in order to make Ren Sicong restrain himself a little, Ren Xian knew that his son was a lecher, but he also had to separate the occasions.

Ren Sicong only gave Chen Ping a cold sweeping glance and still did not speak, but walked directly to his mother and squatted down and said, “Mom, are you feeling better?”

Ren Sicong’s mother nodded vigorously, “Much better, and the headache isn’t as bad anymore.

“Mom, don’t worry, I’ve got Ning Yu here, he will definitely be able to cure your headache ……”

Ren Sicong said as he pointed to the young man beside him.

“Master Ning, it’s such a bother to have you come all the way here ……”

Ren Sicong’s mother smiled faintly at Ning Yu and said.

“Auntie, you mustn’t say that, me and Sicong are cla*smates, you can just call me by my name ……”

Ning Yu said politely.

Looking at this one called Ning Yu, Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared, and then asked at Ren Xian, “This is your son’s cla*smate?”

“Yes, this villa of mine was also chosen for me by Ning Yu, who helped to look at it, and now he is learning his art at Tian Luo Pavilion!”

Ren Xian said with a nod.