Phoenix Among Men Chapter 756

“No wonder the five million can invite people from the Tian Luo Pavilion, so it’s your son’s cla*smate ……”

The little Lan on the side heard this, and then it dawned on her.

The people of the Tian Luo Pavilion were all above the world, and to try to invite them for five million was simply a nightmare.

When Ning Yu heard Xiao Lan say this, he turned back to look at Xiao Lan, “Miss, it looks like you also know about our Tian Luo Pavilion?”

Although the Tian Luo Pavilion was famous in the southwest, this was after all Jiangnan, thousands of kilometres apart, and not many people had heard of it.

“Your Tian Luo Pavilion is so famous in the southwest, of course I know about it, except that you, Master Ning, I have not heard of ……”

Xiao Lan said with a faint smile.

Ning Yu did not get angry, but carefully looked at Xiao Lan, and suddenly his eyes lit up slightly, “You are from the Miao Village?”

“Not bad, I am from the Miao Village!” Xiao Lan did not hide it either and nodded graciously.

Seeing Xiaolan’s admission, Ning Yu smiled faintly, “No wonder you know about our Tian Luo Pavilion, so you are from the Miao Village, but there is only one woman so beautiful in the Miao Village, and that is Miss Xiaolan, the righteous daughter of the Miao King, you are Miss Xiaolan, right?”

When Ning Yu said this, Xiaolan’s heart burst with joy, what girl didn’t like to be complimented on her beauty?

“Yes, I am Little Lan ……,” Little Lan nodded.

“If I’m right, then this is Chen Ping ……”

Ning Yu said as he turned his gaze towards Chen Ping.

“How do you know him?” Xiao Lan was stunned.

“I’m afraid there’s no one in the entire southwest who doesn’t know him, there aren’t many people who dare to easily kill the young master of the Tianwu Sect, right now the Tianwu Sect’s master Xiahou Dun is furious and is looking for you guys everywhere, yesterday the Tianwu Sect’s people killed up to the Miao Cottage, the Miao Cottage suffered heavy casualties, if it wasn’t for the Martial Path Chairman stepping in, I guess the Miao Cottage would have been wiped out… …”

Ning Yu said with a cold laugh.

Hearing that the Miao Village had almost been exterminated, Xiaolan’s heart instantly seized up, although she had already left the Miao Village and would never return to it in her life, it was still hard to hear this news in her heart.

“Ning Yu, you guys know each other? Help me introduce you too ……”

When Ren Sicong saw that Ning Yu knew Xiaolan, he immediately came over and said with an expectant look on his face.

It looked like he had his heart set on Xiao Lan.

Ning Yu gave Ren Sicong a look, “If you don’t want to die, it’s better if you don’t get to know ……”

Ning Yu’s words instantly cooled Ren Sicong’s enthusiasm and he obediently walked back to his mother’s side.

“Mom, sit still, I’ll let Ning Yu heal you ……”

Ren Sicong squatted down and followed his mother in a very filial manner, saying.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of your wife’s illness and let Ning Yu or Chen Ping look at it. Ren Xian couldn’t decide, so it was a bit awkward.

Sun Simiao also felt a bit embarra*sed, after all, he was the one who had introduced Chen Ping, and now it had turned out to be like this, so Sun Simiao came over to Chen Ping and said softly, “Mr. Chen, Sicong, he didn’t know he had invited you here, so don’t be offended!”

Chen Ping, on the other hand, smiled slightly and shook his head, “It’s fine!”

Seeing that Chen Ping did not take offense, Ren Xian’s hanging heart was considered to have been relieved.

“Ning Yu, please take a look at this!”

Ren Xian made a gesture of invitation and asked Ning Yu to take a look at his wife, after all, just now Chen Ping did not look at anything, so he said it by word of mouth, and Ren Xian had no idea in his heart.

“Uncle Ren, you’re too polite, I’ll show it to my aunt right away ……”

Ning Yu finished and walked up to Ren Xian’s wife.

Ning Yu followed Ren Sicong and exchanged a look with each other, and although the two were careful, they were still spotted by the attentive Chen Ping.