Phoenix Among Men Chapter 763

The countless killing qi finally coalesced into spell chains, which were as hard as steel, invisible and colourless, with no way to destroy them.

This time, Ning Yu recruited a dozen dragon binding ropes, tightly binding Chen Ping’s limbs and body, making it impossible for Chen Ping to move.

The underworld souls, on the other hand, were directed by Ning Yu towards Chen Ping.

Dozens of Yin souls, flying towards Chen Ping with their teeth and claws open, their sharp fangs showing on the outside, were very frightening.

Chen Ping was bound by the Dragon Binding Rope and looked at the incoming Yin souls, but he only twisted twice, there was no way to break free from the rope.

As he watched those Yin souls getting closer and closer, Ning Yu’s face was full of complacency.

However, he did not notice that these Yin souls were heading towards Chen Ping, who was bound and unable to move, but did not show any panic, instead, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly in an arc.

As soon as the spirits touched Chen Ping’s body, a golden light would flash from Chen Ping’s body, and the spirits would disappear.

Soon, dozens of Yin souls all disappeared, while Chen Ping, who had been trapped by the Dragon Binding Rope, was still standing there without a single cold injury.

At this moment, all those Yin souls entered Chen Ping’s body, and the Heart Condensation Technique was running rapidly, continuously sucking those Yin souls into his dantian, those Yin souls screamed and tried to break free from Chen Ping’s body, but they could not.

The Heart Condensation Technique refined all those Yin souls into spiritual energy and stored them within the dantian.

“What’s going on here?”

Ning Yu’s heart trembled slightly.

He discovered that the golden light that had just emerged from Chen Ping’s body surprisingly contained a large amount of magical power, as if there was a ma*sive magical formation operating within Chen Ping’s body.

“Could it be that this kid is also a Daoist master?”

Ning Yu was somewhat in disbelief, if Chen Ping was also a Daoist Master, then it would be too terrifying, after all, Chen Ping was about the same age as himself.

One had to know that Daoist cultivation could be much harder than martial cultivation, and besides working hard just for the sake of it, the main thing was to have the talent to be able to comprehend the wonders of heaven and earth and the essence of Daoism.

It was obvious that Chen Ping was now a Martial Arts Grand Master, and it was not easy to reach the strength of a Martial Arts Grand Master at this age, but if Chen Ping was also a Daoist Master, that would be too terrifying.

Dao and martial arts dual cultivation, this was one in a million, a genius among geniuses.

At this moment, Ning Yu’s face grew increasingly ugly, but he did not retreat, instead he mouthed the words and the dozen or so dragon binding ropes began to shrink rapidly.

The dozen or so dragon binding ropes, made up of killing Qi, were wrapped around Chen Ping in a deadly manner. Ning Yu kept pushing his spell, and a constant stream of fatal Qi emerged from the ground, which continued to condense, making the dragon binding ropes thicker and thicker.

Seeing that Chen Ping could not move at this moment, a confident smile began to appear on Ning Yu’s face.

But very soon, Ning Yu’s confident smile froze on his face, and then he looked at Chen Ping with his eyes wide open.

He saw that Chen Ping’s body began to shine with golden light again, and then the Dragon Binding Rope, which had been condensed by the fierce Qi, was instantly turned into smoke and dust under the golden light, and was directly sucked into Chen Ping’s body.

Although now, with Chen Ping’s strength, absorbing these fatal Qi was already a drop in the bucket and would not help much in cultivation, but a small mosquito was still meat, Chen Ping would not let go of this opportunity.

“Evil cultivator, you are an evil cultivator …………”

Ning Yu instantly understood at this moment, those Yin souls couldn’t hurt Chen Ping, and this dragon binding rope condensed by the fatal Qi was even sucked into Chen Ping’s body, only evil cultivators, would cultivate by sucking Yin Qi, fatal Qi.