Phoenix Among Men Chapter 764

“Are you from the Blood Witch Sect, or the Yin Yang Sect?”

Ning Yu cautiously looked at Chen Ping and asked.

If Chen Ping was really a member of these two sects, Ning Yu would not dare to kill him at will, after all, these two sects were ruthless and ruthless, if he really followed these two sects to make enemies, then he was afraid that he would have to die without end, and when his master found out, he would have to scold himself to death.

Ning Yu was now a red person of the Heavenly Law Pavilion, so he had to act cautiously before he could delay his great future because of this.

“I am not from any Blood Witch Sect, nor am I from any Yin Yang Sect, if you are afraid, then be a good boy and kneel down, perhaps I can even let you off ……”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

“Hmph, arrogant, so what if you are really an evil cultivator, our Tian Luo Pavilion is a famous and righteous sect that specializes in dealing with you evil cultivators ……”

Ning Yu coldly snorted, followed by dispersing the trapped dragon formation, and directly pulled out a sword from his body, only to see that the sword was ancient and dark, not knowing what material it was made of at all, but on top of the sword, some talismans were drawn with a red vermilion pen.

“This one of mine is the Evil Punishing Sword, specifically designed to deal with you evil cultivators ……”

Ning Yu said, holding the sword up in front of his chest, gathering his magic power and slashing it in the air ……

“Stabbing ……”

The air seemed to be instantly split open, the sound of breaking wind resounded in the void, a harsh sword qi shot out, and those talismans on the sword body also seemed to be alive at the moment, they broke away from the sword body, mixed in the sword qi, and headed towards Chen Ping.

Where the sword qi pa*sed, everything was split in two, even the hard marble floor, at this moment, also appeared a deep mark.

Ka …………

The sword qi cut directly on Chen Ping’s body, and only after a crunching sound was heard, Chen Ping’s body was surprisingly intact, except that his clothes were cut with a gaping hole.

Although the sword qi did not hurt Chen Ping, however, the talismans mixed in the sword qi swirled around Chen Ping, and those talismans kept flashing with red light.

“Heaven and Earth Xuanzong, the root of all airs.

After cultivating for hundreds of millions of kalpas, I have been able to prove my divine power.

In the three realms and beyond, the Tao is the only one.

My body is covered with golden light.

It is invisible to the eye and deaf to the ear.

To encompa*s heaven and earth, to nourish all living beings …………”

Ning Yu kept reciting the incantation under his breath, his forehead sinewy, and sweat began to drip downwards.

That sword qi just now had failed to hurt Chen Ping, so now he could only rely on those charms.

As Ning Yu chanted faster and faster, those talismans spun around Chen Ping faster and faster, and the red light flashed brighter and brighter.

“Execute Evil …………”

Ning Yu bellowed, and those talismans suddenly affixed themselves to Chen Ping’s body.

Chen Ping was personally wrapped in red light, while those talismans were all branded onto Chen Ping’s body as if they were a brand.

When Ning Yu looked at Chen Ping, he noticed that although the charms had been applied to Chen Ping’s body, they did not seem to have any effect, as Chen Ping did not react at all.

Ning Yu frowned slightly and began to recite the incantations again quickly.

Looking at Ning Yu’s sweaty appearance, Chen Ping snorted coldly.

“Stupid ……”

Chen Ping’s body shook slightly, and those talismans on his body instantly popped up and scattered in all directions, countless strong winds scattering in all directions and rushing out a crack in the surrounding ground.

The spells that were scattered instantly returned to the Evil Punisher Sword, but the spells were obviously much darker in colour.

Ning Yu looked at Chen Ping incredulously, just now Chen Ping had resisted his sword qi, and now he had easily broken free from these incantations, this was too powerful, right?

Although Ning Yu had not yet practiced it to its full potential, ordinary evil cultivators could only run for their lives when they encountered him, and he had yet to find an evil cultivator who was not afraid of the Evil Execution Sword in his hands.