Phoenix Among Men Chapter 765

“Who the hell are you? Why aren’t you afraid of my Evil Punishing Sword?”

Ning Yu really couldn’t understand whether Chen Ping was an evil cultivator or not, so why wasn’t he afraid of his own Evil Punishing Sword?

“Why should I be afraid?” Chen Ping asked indifferently and rhetorically.

Ning Yu looked at Chen Ping with a deadly gaze, his teeth clacking together as if he was making up his mind about something.

Suddenly, Ning Yu swiftly slashed out several sword qi, followed by putting the sword blade me in his hand, and after a light gulp, with a violent force, the sharp sword blade directly cut through Ning Yu’s palm.

“With blood as the name, put an end to evil and avoid disaster, burn ……”

Ning Yu recited the words under his breath, and immediately afterwards, flames unexpectedly rose from the top of the Evil Punishing Sword, the flames were very peculiar, surprisingly turquoise in colour, like phosphorous fire, the flames burned very vigorously with the help of Ning Yu’s blood, and there was also a hint of unpleasant blood smell that continuously emanated from that Evil Punishing Sword.

“Chop …………”

Ning Yu once again swung the Evil Punishing Sword in his hand out towards Chen Ping, and instantly three sword Qi burning with green flames slashed towards Chen Ping in an encircling stance.

“Chen Ping be careful, these are phosphorous flames, if they get a little bit on your body, they will burn you alive, it’s impossible to put them out ……”

Seeing this, Xiaolan hurriedly warned Chen Ping.

Chen Ping also has long seen the weirdness of this flame, did not expect this Ning Yu actually used phosphorus fire, to know that this kind of flame is very dangerous, the slightest carelessness will be counterattacked.

I didn’t expect this Ning Yu to see that Chen Ping was not easy to deal with, but he had used such a cruel means.

“You all stand back ……”

Chen Ping barked out a warning, then with a cold look in his eyes, he raised his hand and grabbed it in the air, and a treasure sword emitting an eerie coldness appeared in his hand.

The moment the sword appeared in Chen Ping’s hand, everyone seemed to be frozen in place, especially that Ning Yu, looking at the sword that appeared out of thin air in Chen Ping’s hand, his entire body was shocked.

“Let’s see if my Dragon Cutting Sword is powerful, or your Evil Punishing Sword is powerful ……”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, flames also surprisingly rose from the body of the Dragon Cutting Sword, only this flame was a crimson colour.

The flames on the Dragon Cutting Sword emitted a temperature comparable to the sun, instantly outweighing those phosphorous flames.

“True fire, Samadhi True Fire ……” Ning Yu’s eyes widened as he kept exclaiming, “You can actually invoke Samadhi True Fire, are you not a Daoist Master?”

Only Dao masters could invoke the Samadhi True Fire, and like alchemists, only those who were versed in the Dao and could invoke the Samadhi True Fire could refine advanced pills.

Now, Chen Ping had actually induced the Samadhi Fire, which was countless times stronger than that phosphorus fire.

“Chop ……”

With a flick of Chen Ping’s hand, the flames on the Chopper Dragon Sword instantly transformed into a fire dragon that shot out violently, instantly colliding with the three sword qi wielded by that Ning Yu.

Rumble …………

After a few explosive sounds, Ning Yu’s three sword qi were instantly dispersed, while those burning phosphorus flames turned back in the direction and enveloped towards Ning Yu.

Ning Yu’s pupils dilated violently, and with a deadly wave of his hands, a barrier appeared in front of him, enveloping Ning Yu to avoid the backlash from the phosphorus fire.

The barrier had just appeared when several clouds of phosphorus fire crashed into it, but it did not manage to penetrate the barrier.

But when Chen Ping’s crimson Samadhi fire touched the barrier, a cracking sound rang out, and when he looked at the barrier again, a crack had appeared.

Ning Yu’s heart was in his throat, his heart was incomparably frightened, his forehead was flowing with cold sweat, he never expected that Chen Ping’s strength would be so powerful, it had already exceeded his imagination.

Clap …………

Finally, the barrier could not resist the impact and finally shattered directly.

Ning Yu hurriedly waved the Evil Punishing Sword in his hand, trying to deflect the splashing phosphorous fire.